7 Ways To Immigrate To Canada (2022)


Canada has been home to new immigrants, especially since 2021 after the COVID season. These immigrants migrated to Canada through different pathways and they end up securing Canadian permanent residence.

In this article, we will show you different ways you can immigrate to Canada.

Most people like you are only aware of some immigration pathway popularly known as the Express Entry System. This particular pathway has been known to be one of the fastest ways you can immigrate to Canada.


You see, Canadian immigration is a rigorous and complicated process. And even though there are several immigration pathways to Canada, we will help you find out which one is best for you!

7 Easiest Ways You Can Immigrate To Canada?

The Express Entry System;

This entry system is one of the fastest and easiest ways to immigrate to Canada. It takes approximately 6 months in total, for a visa application. And can be applied online. So this entry system has about 3 federal programs that allow you to choose. Although this is entirely based on your age, location, education, skills, language, and work experience. These 3 federal programs are;


 ✔Canadian Experience Class.

✔Federal skilled Trades program


✔ Federal skilled Worker program.

The express entry system affords you the opportunity to create an online profile.


Nominee Program;

About 11 provinces in Canada have their provincial nominee programs where they have an express entry with 6 months of processing. A typical example is the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

This nominee program has an express entry of visa processing in 2 or a maximum of 3 months. Which makes it, even more, faster than the Express entry system! The British Columbia provincial nominee program has an online application portal which most provinces don’t have.

So if you are a tech professional for instance, and you are interested in immigrating to Canada, you may as well, apply through British Columbia’s BC Tech Pilot. This tech hub is usually on the lookout for skilled IT professionals. So you can check this out of you are in the tech field.

The Atlantic Immigration;

If you are looking for one of the safest and fastest ways to immigrate to Canada, you should check out Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

This pilot program was designed to help bring about; Canadian immigration to Atlantic Canada like Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

And you can apply through this pilot immigration through these three Atlantic programs;

Atlantic High-skilled program

Atlantic International Graduate Program

Atlantic Intermediate-skilled program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot when processed doesn’t take time because it has about 6 months of processing time. But before applying through this window, you need to check the available jobs in demand in Canada because it will further improve your chances in the application process.

Temporary Foreign Work Permit;

When you get a temporary work permit, it can take you about 6 months maximum. And once you’ve had about 6 months of work experience then you could apply for permanent residence through some work experience stream programs like the Saskatchewan work experience stream.

There is also another which is known as the Canadian experience class, which usually requires about 1 year of Canadian work experience to qualify for the application for permanent residence.

So if you are in one of the following sectors you can consider applying;

✔Health Sector

✔Long Haul Truck Driver

✔Agricultural sector

✔Hospitality sector

Family Sponsorship;

You can sponsor your relative to live, study, and work in Canada when they have their PR. But there are certain relatives that you can sponsor to come live in Canada. You can sponsor you; children, spouse, grandparents, etc. As long as they are family.

Start-up Visa;

This is the type of visa that is given to those who are going to Immigrate by starting a business and creating job opportunities for others in Canada.


This visa opportunity is usually for those who are self-employed in cultural or even sporting and athletic activities.

Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot;

This is almost similar to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. This particular immigration pilot has to do with smaller Canadian communities. These smaller communities try to support their local economy through immigration.

What Do You Need To Immigrate To Canada?

According to the various immigration pathways above, we need you to understand that each immigration program has its eligibility requirements. For instance, the requirements needed for the Express Entry system are different from the Atlantic immigration pilot requirements. Therefore it is important to verify your eligibility requirement before applying.

The Canadian government will request various documents upon application to verify your eligibility such as; work experience, identity, criminal record, education, and medical history. As we said above, this is dependent on the immigration program that you are applying for.

So, to know what documents you need to immigrate to Canada, then you need to determine the program you will be applying for. Then check the one that is best for you.

How much money do you need to immigrate to Canada?

The cost of Immigrating to Canada isn’t too high. But it can be if the applicant is running out of budget.

If you are immigrating to Canada as a single applicant, then you will need about 2,300 Canadian dollars. But if you are going as a couple, then you will need about 4,500 Canadian dollars. Although this amount varies by family size.

If you are applying through a provincial program then some fees may be included. If you will be sponsoring a spouse or other dependent child/children, then in most cases, you do not need to provide financial information since you will be sponsoring.

But if you are sponsoring other family members like a parent and grandparents, certain financial requirements need to be met for you to be considered eligible to apply.

If you are applying based on refugee or humanitarian grounds, then no financial requirements exist. In this category of immigration, the only financial requirement considered is if the refugee is sponsored privately.

Final Thoughts

Immigrating to Canada can be a long process when you don’t consult the right sources. When you consult the right sources, you will be clear on the kind of immigration program to apply for.


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