How To Answer JAMB CBT Questions With Computer

Ever Wondering how to answer JAMB questions correctly?. Actually, answering JAMB Questions using computer can look difficult and fearful for JAMBites most expecially when it is your first time.

This article has been researched hence written for those looking for answers for how to answer JAMB CBT Questions with a computer either as a regular experienced JAMB candidates and those taking JAMB examination for the first time.

Now let me guide you on what you need to know for the basics.

Since the introduction of JAMB CBT system, unlike the written system, JAMB board up till now is improving on computerizing the whole system of admission processes to finally eradicate examination malpractice.

From the improved registration system to computerized examination over to result checking even in admission Processing, All of this upgrades are perfect in the open Sense.

But the issue with this positive development is that new JAMB candidates who are not used to computers and other JAMB facilities need to learn them and understand how they work before they can make the best out of it. You can as well check best JAMB CBT Application here

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How To Answer JAMB CBT Questions With Computer

On your arrival to your exam venue/center, you will be presented with your own personal computer to use answer the programmed questions.

They’re various things you need to be mindful of so you don’t ignorantly exit or touch what you ought no to touch at all.

JAMB CBT Interface
  • The subjects
  • Available Time
  • Time Left
  • The Questions
  • Instructions
  • Available Options

NOTE: It is not 100% guarantee that your screen will be exactly as the one shown above. But in general, this is the properties contained there in.

The current subject: this is the subject you are answering at the moment. Remember you have four JAMB subjects to answer questions on.

So, if for example you are answering questions on the Use of English at the moment, that will appear as the current subject.

The Questions screen: By the question screen I mean the questions you see on the computer when you start the JAMB CBT exam.

Questions will be loaded for you on the screen and the image below is just an example of what the question screen might look like (please note that your CBT screen may be different from this, but the logic is simply the same):

Time: this shows the time you started the exam.

Time left: time left is total time given MINUS time spent. In other words, it is how long before time is up for your JAMB CBT test. So, try to answer all the questions you can and click any options for all the ones you are sure you don’t know the answers before your time elapses.

In some CBT exam you may see total time given (instead of start time) and time left. Whichever one, who cares. Just focus on your exam and pay attention to time left.

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Instructions: The instruction screen is one section I respect most in examination generally. This is because once you don’t get the instructions, you automatically can not answer the questions as instructed.

My Dad will always tell me;

Instructions are part of examination

Available Options: options are available in form of alphabet namely; A, B, C and D as expected (just similar to paper and pencil exam).

However, you can simply use the one of the keyboard given to you. But advisibly, it’s better you use your mouse to click on your preferred Options to be sure you’re picking the right options.

Okay! I believe that was explanatory enough?. Now I won’t just stop here as you might have been expecting, I will go futher to reveal how you can answer JAMB Questions and get the answers correctly.

In other words, this is more like saying how to pass your JAMB Examination without expo easily.

How To Answer JAMB Questions Correctly

Below are outlined process you need to answer JAMB questions and get the answers correctly.

  • Be patience and don’t rush
  • Read the instructions thoroughly before moving to the questions.
  • Understand the questions you’re to answer before you attempt it.
  • Answer the questions putting yourself in the questioners shoe. Don’t answer what you’re not told to answer.
  • Don’t make your own rules follow instructions.
  • Revise your answer and be sure it’s what you know to be the right thing.
  • Have high self esteem and don’t change your answer because you saw another person pick a different answer from yours.

Wrapping up

Okay, at the of this article, I realized that I have covered everything you need even as a fresh JAMBite to have a clear picture of how JAMB examination should be answered using a computer.

I have analysed how the examination screen Wil look, how to select your answers and how you can answer JAMB questions and get the answers correctly.

Show love ❣️ by sharing this post with your friends and fellow JAMBites also don’t hesitate to let me know what you feel in the comment section below and if you have any questions you can throw it to me as well in the comment.

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