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Boc Net Worth 2022: Biogarphy, Cars, Age & Songs


Luka Bulus Madaki known as Boc Madaki is a popular Nigerian writer originally from the Hausa tribe. See Boc Madaki Biography, Age, Real Name, Songs, And Net Worth in 2022.

According to LearnAllinfo, Boc Madaki has an estimated net worth of roughly $1 million. Making him one of the richest Hausa rappers in Nigeria.

He makes most of his money from music and some endorsement deals from top brands.


Early Life

Boc Madaki whose real names are Luka Bulus Madaki was born on the 22nd of September 1993 in Bogoro local government area of Bauchi State as the first child to his parents.

It will shock you to know that Boc had four sisters namely; Martha, Elizabeth, Mary, and Bridget.


From 1991 to 1996, BOC Madaki attended Jibril Aminu nursery and primary school, located at New GRA, behind the Zaranda Hotel in Bauchi, for his nursery and primary education. Between 1996 and 1999, he worked at Yelwa Practicing School, where he taught primary 3 to 6.

He completed his secondary education at the Government Day Secondary School Shadawanka Army Barracks in Bauchi and the Government Day Secondary School Bayara in Bauchi, where he was scheduled to graduate in 2005 but had to wait until 2006 owing to financial constraints. He enrolled in a National Diploma program at the Abubakar Tatari Ali polytechnic in Bauchi in 2007 to study agricultural technology, but he dropped out halfway through.


Between 2012 to 2013, he returned to the same college and re-enrolled to study estate management, graduating with a first-class National Diploma diploma in Environment Studies in Estate Management.

To add to the sauce, he had a first-class national diploma certificate in environmental studies in estate management.


As of 2022, Boc Madaki has an estimated net worth of roughly $1 million. Boc Madaki’s net worth in Naira was calculated and arrived at an estimate of N500,000,000 (Five hundred million Naira). Still making him outstanding among his pairs.


Boc Madaki was originally known by his real name as Luka Bulus Madaki started his career at an early age. weird enough, He started in a church special number request at liberation hour at Yelwa.

Initially, he started as a pure gospel artist. One of his earliest influences is an artist called Slash D.

BOC On a lit day, Madaki would also perform at school, but under the nickname Diamond B. Slash D and Madaki left the Christian music line in 2005 to form D hood, a more modern hip hop combo. Dream hood is abbreviated as D hood. The combo disbanded in 2007 after both artists separated ways. Madaki began his trip on his own.

Throughout his career, B.O.C Madaki has also been featured in over five hundred songs.

BOC Madaki joined the Toss A Coin management team, which marked the start of his meteoric rise. His management contract with the Toss A Coin group was extended till 2015. The attire made it easier for him to film the video for his single “one of a kind,” which starred Black Blinx and C Man.

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B.O.C Madaki Songs And Album’s Mp3 Download

Below is the list of some music, sang by Boc Madaki.

  • King Kuta
  • Zafi
  • Kudi – Featuring DJ AB x Maweezy x Babayanks
  • Fifty Fifty – Featuring CMan x Stesh
  • Ciwo
  • Allah Ya Tsare
  • Kaya A Kasa
  • Northy By Nature
  • Matsin Lamba
  • Bread And Butter
  • Sani Bello
  • Da Ke – Featuring Concept Man
  • Akwai Issues
  • Nera – Featuring Stesh x Concept Man
  • Dan Gaye – Featuring Ice Prince
  • Exchange
  • Odogwu – Featuring Lio Steve
  • On The Map
  • Up A Notch
  • The DM
  • Wasika Zuwa Sama

BOC Madaki Net Worth

According to LearnAllinfo, Boc Madaki has an estimated net worth of roughly $1 million. Making him one of the richest Hausa rappers in Nigeria.

In conclusion, BOC enrolled at the Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic in Bauchi State to pursue a National Diploma in Agriculture Technology but withdrew out for unknown reasons. He then continued his education at the School of Environmental Studies, where he received a first-class National Diploma between 2012 and 2013.

The artist was nominated for Arewa Best Rap Artiste of the Year at the City People Music Awards. As of 2022, Boc Madaki has an estimated net worth of roughly $1 million and is calculated to be N500,000,000 in Naira.


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