How To Calculate OAU Aggregate Score for Admission

How Can I calculate my OAU aggregate, how to calculate OAU Post UTME score for admission, how to determine OAU aggregate score. 

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is one of the prestigious Federal universities in Nigeria which makes it one of the most competitive universities in the country. Getting admitted to study in the university regardless if you are an indigene or not is quite tough which is why you have to ensure that your aggregate cut off mark meets the departmental cut off mark.

Most UTME candidates just assume that upon passing JAMB and post UTME, they are automatically admitted into the university of their choice, ideally, that is how it is meant to be but the educational sector is facing more and more challenges yearly as most schools do not have the capacity to contain the teem population of students seeking admission into various tertiary institutions every academic session.

The introduction of Post UTME and JAMB is to select the eligible students worthy to gain admission and reduce the number of admission seekers every academic session because every school has a quota they are meant to admit according to JAMB.

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At the end of this post every student who will select or have selected OAU as their preferred choice of institution should be able to calculate his or her aggregate score or aggregate cut off mark upon sighting his or her JAMB and post UTME results.

What is An Aggregate Score/Cut Off Mark?

Aggregate Actually means to combine. Your aggregate cut off mark or aggregate score is the total mark you were able to score after combining your scores for various exams. In the case of OAU, you will not only combine your JAMB and Post UTME score but also your O’Level result grades as well.

How to Calculate OAU Aggregate Score

Getting to this stage means you truly are interested in knowing how to calculate OAU aggregate score therefore we will be showing you the techniques OAU has devised in calculating their aggregate score after completion of JAMB and post UTME result.

OAU follows a formula that quite different from that of other universities. As stated above, you will require more than just your JAMB and Post UME score to calculate your OAU aggregate score. You will also require your O’Level grades. This might be a problem for candidates who apply to the university and are yet to receive their O’level results.

OAU employs a 50:40:10 system for calculating aggregate score. The sum of the total points would be 100%.

JAMB takes the bulk of the points with 50% representing your JAMB score, 40% represents your OAU Post UTME Score and 10% represents your O’Level grades.

JAMB gives a total of 400 marks while OAU Post UME gives you only 40 marks. In the Post UME, you will write on 4 subjects – 3 main subjects as in your JAMB UTME and an Aptitude test in replacement of the Use of English. Your O’level grade counts for 10 marks.

OAU O’Level Grading System

Below is the OAU grading system for O’Level. You are required to have at credits in 5 subjects relevant to your course and its these 5 subjects that will be graded.

A1 – 2.0 points

B2 – 1.8 points

B3 – 1.6 points

C4 – 1.4 points

C5 – 1.2 points

C6 – 1.0 points

When you have your JAMB score, Post UME score and O’level grades handy you can follow the calculation process below.

Divide your JAMB score by 8

Add Post UTME score

Grade your O’level score and add it too

The result is your aggregate score.


Assume Mr. Awolowo scores 280 in JAMB, 30 in Post UME and has the following grades in his 5 relevant O’Level subjects.

B2 = 1.8

A1 = 2

C4 = 1.4

A1 = 2

B2 = 1.8

His total O’level grade score would be = 1.8 + 2 + 1.4 + 2 + 1.8 = 9


JAMB = 280 / 8 = 35

Post UME = 26

O’Level grades = 9

Total aggregate score = 35 + 26 + 9 = 70

Therefore Mr. Awolowo’s aggregate score is 20

OAU Departmental Cut Off Mark

When calculating your aggregate cut off mark, bear in mind that the final result must meet up with the departmental cut off mark for the course you want to study. Below is the cut off mark for several departments in OAU.

The university introduces a new cut off mark every year so you shouldn’t expect the cut off mark for the previous year to be the same with the present year. However, before the release of the present departmental cut off mark, you can use the one for the previous year as a guide.

Below is OAU Departmental Cut Off Mark

Physical and Health Education 52.4%

Int. Science/Mathematics 50%

Language Artserit 50%

Social Studies 54.8%

Yoruba 50.5%

Fine Arts 58.4%

Music 50.1%

Religious Studies 57.4%

History 50%

English 60%

French 50.7%

Economics 61.8%

Geography 54.7%

Political Science 55.7%

Physics 52.5%

Chemistry 50.1%

Biology 53.2%

Mathematics 50.5%

Guidance and Counselling 50.2%

Health Education 52%

Faculty of Agriculture

Economics 54.7%

Animal Science 52.9%

Agric Extension and Rural Sociology 50%

Family Health and Consumer Nutrition 54.1%

Crop Production and Protection 50%

Soil Science 50%

Faculty of Environmental Design

Architecture 68.6%

Building 52.6%

Urban and Regional Planning 51.2%

Quantity Surveying 51.6%

Surveying and Geo-informatics 51.1%

Fine Arts 55%

Estate Management 52.6%

Faculty of Technology

Agricultural Engineering 56.8%

Chemical Engineering 65.2%

Civil Engineering 68.5%

Computer Science and Engineering 66.1%

Computer Science / Economics 64.8%

Computer Science / Mathematics 69.3%

Electrical and Electronics Engineering 69.6%

Food Engineering 55%

Food Science and Technology 55%

Material Science and Engineering 57.8%

Mechanical Engineering 67.2%

Faculty of Pharmacy 70.4%

Faculty of LAW 67.7%

Faculty of Administration

Business Administration 50%

Accounting 67.8%

International Relations 50.8%

Public Administration 50.1%

Local Government Studies 50%

Faculty of Science

Applied Geophysics 50%

Botany 50%

Biochemistry 61%

Chemistry 53.6%

Engineering Physics 61.1%

Geology 56.5%

Mathematics 58.6%

Microbiology 60.4%

Industrial Chemistry 56.9%

Physics 50%

Zoology 50%

Statistics 50%

College of Health Science

Medicine -76%

Dentistry – 73.3%

Medical Rehabilitation -66.6%

Nursing – 67.7%

What You Should Know About OAU Aggregate Score or Cut Off Mark

While OAU tries to be transparent when offering candidates admission to study in the university, you could find yourself sidelined even though you are able to meet up with the departmental cut off mark. This is because the of some factors like;

Origin: Indigenes are mostly preferred and are more likely to gain admission compared to a non-indigene. This is why you need to be exceptional and score really high if you want to scale through.

ELDS: This means Educational Less Developed or Disadvantaged States. It refers to states in Nigeria where the level of education or the number of educated people is low. Thus, universities including OAU have a different departmental cut off mark for candidates from these states which is lower than the actual departmental cut off mark. Even if you are able to score higher than a candidate from among the ELDS, the ELDS candidate would still be the preferred choice if he/she is able to meet the ELDS required cut off mark.

This is all we can say for now on the topic on how to calculate OAU aggregate score for admission.

Hope this is well understood? I hope all about calculating OAU aggregate score has been.

If you have any questions about OAU aggregate score, feel free to ask using the comment section below.

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  1. I scored 173 in jamb this year
    I had 3a’s,2b’sand 4c’s and I just don’t want to sit at home this year cus my parent won’t allow me to go any polytechnic.
    I know my jamb score is low but I’m ready to do any course.
    I just need your advice on what to do
    My uni choices are unilag,oau and lasu
    Thank you.
    PS: I’m not an indigene of osun state, I’m of Lagos.
    I’m a science student also

  2. with a score of 225 in jamb and 5a’s in waec, can I still go for nursing in oau and what is the minimum scre I must get in the post utme in other to gain admission into oau. By the way m also an indigene.

  3. with a score of 225 in jamb and 5a’s in waec, can I still go for nursing in oau and what is the minimum scre I must get in the post utme in other to gain admission into oau. By the way m also an indigene.


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