top 10 cheapest universities in ghana
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Cheapest Universities In Ghana: Top 10 (2022)

What are the cheapest universities in Ghana to apply for admission?. Are they cheap universities in Ghana where I can gain admission easily?, These are the common questions students ask me via comment and contact form. So today I’ll answer the questions of the cheapest universities in Ghana where you can easily gain admission. It […]

cheapest polytechnics in Nigeria
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Cheapest Polytechnics In Nigeria (2022)

Cheapest Polytechnics In Nigeria: Which polytechnic is the cheapest in Nigeria, Are you currently in search of the cheapest polytechnics you will attend or rather you desire to have a taste of educational technical skills? then this article is for you because I’ll touch all essential parts to know about the cheap Nigerian polytechnics and […]

easiest courses in Nigeria
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Easiest Courses To Study In Nigerian Universities (2022)

Before applying for a course in any Nigerian University, it is very important to know about the course you are applying. For instance, you have to know how competitive the course is, your chance of employment after studying the course and more importantly, you should know how difficult the course is. Frankly speaking, no course […]

Law courses in Nigerian universities
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Law Courses In Nigerian Universities

Before enrolling into any Nigerian university as a law student, it is very important that you know the law courses offered in Nigerian universities and what they are all about first. Apparently, it takes 5years to study law in a Nigerian University. Knowing the Law courses offered in Nigerian universities, will help you to have […]

Universities that Accept Lower credit for direct entry
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Universities That Accept Lower Credit For Direct Entry(D.E) In Nigeria

UNIVERSITIES THAT ACCEPT LOWER CREDIT FOR DIRECT ENTRY: State & federal Universities that accept lower credit for direct entry, universities┬áthat accept passes for direct entry, does kwasu accept lower credit for direct entry, federal universities that accept a direct entry. It is often known that Universities prefer to admit students with Distinction and upper Credit […]

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How To Calculate GPA And CGPA In Nigerian University

Searching for how to calculate your GPA and CGPA In Nigerian Universities? See ways you can calculate your CGPA easily here. It is one heartbreaking thing to discover that Students in 300 levels and above you do not know how GPA and CGPA are being calculated. Is it actually important to know how to calculate […]

Reasons why lawyers are learned people
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Study Law Without Literature: Is It Possible or Not

The question as to whether a person can study law without literature in English or not, is very paramount to aspirants who want to study law in the university. Many students have been searching for cogent answer to this question, but have not gotten any answer yet. Well in this short article, i will be […]