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Cheapest Polytechnics In Nigeria (2022)

Cheapest Polytechnics In Nigeria: Which polytechnic is the cheapest in Nigeria, Are you currently in search of the cheapest polytechnics you will attend or rather you desire to have a taste of educational technical skills? then this article is for you because I’ll touch all essential parts to know about the cheap Nigerian polytechnics and their respective fees.

Polytechnics are originally known for their standards in teaching better technical and practical skills.

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While some feels polytechnics are the best institutions to study, others believe it’s the universities, I’ll say both initiatives is most right, All that matters is an individual taste for knowledge.

A very large number of Nigerian students often desire to have a taste of these technical skills/training offered in many of the cheap Nigerian polytechnics before eventually moving further into the University of their choice to continue their education.

Even knowing that universities are the most populated, many students will still like to cross over after completion of the polytechnic programs.

Polytechnics are more affordable with a well-structured payment scheme that is more flexible than that of Nigerian universities. The primary aim of polytechnics in Nigeria is to make tertiary education readily available for every Nigerian who is mature for schooling regardless of their background or financial status.

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Cheapest Polytechnics In Nigeria

Below is the trusted list of the cheapest polytechnics in Nigeria 2021 and their respective school fees. 

  1. Plateau State Polytechnic, PLASU –> INDEGENE-N50,000, NON-INDEGENE- N100, 000
  2.  Nasarawa State University, NSUK –> N29,000
  3.  Federal Polytechnic, ilaro, ILAROPOLY –> N32,550
  4.  Osun State Polytechnic, iree, OSUNPOLY –> N25,500
  5.  Federal College of Education, (Technical) Akoka, Lagos, (FCET Akoka) –
  6. Fresher N40,000. Returning is N16,000
  7. MAPOLY –> INDEGENE-N57,000, NON- INDEGENE-N62,000 (It Varies With Dept. Some students pay 75,000)
  9. FEDPOLY ILORA –> N59,530
  10.  TASUED –> Freshers, N76,500, stalite pay N66,500
  11.  ABIA POLY –> 56,550 AND 61,000, (DEPENDING ON THE DEPARTMENT.) > I.M.T ENUGU –> N49,300
  12.  Auchi Polytechnic –> Freshers, N28,000.00 and Old Students, N14,800.00
  13. COE kastina-ala benue state –> N20,000
  16. FUOYE –> N102,000
  17.  RUFUS GIWA POLY –> N70,000
  18.  FEDPOLY ADO –> FRESHERS- N22,000, (STAYLITE-11,000)
  19. FEDPOFFA –> N17,000
  20. POLY IBADAN, Ibadanpoly –> N45,000 for indigene and N50,000 for non indigene (Freshers). Returning Students school fees is less than N30,000
  21. IMOPOLY –> ND-N30,000, HND-N40,000 (Non idigene, ND 55,000. Indigene 22,000 for HND. Non-indigene 65,000, and indigene 22,000)

I guess this is detailed enough as the list of the cheapest polytechnics In Nigeria has been listed here including their school fees respectively.

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