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10 Cheapest Universities in Canada For International Students 2022


Canada is one of the most affordable countries in the world because it provides economic opportunities for self-growth and development. It is a little wonder, that most internationally-minded individuals are attracted to its economy and are willing to bend over backward to migrate to Canada.

International students are not left behind in this pursuit. For the foreign students whose home country’s severe economy and imbalanced educational sector made them seek solace in the accommodating and affordable schools in Canada. Here is a list of the cheapest and most affordable schools for foreign students in Canada.

10 Cheapest Universities in Canada For International Students

1. St Stephens University

St. Stephens University is located in Ontario in Canada. It provides the opportunity to study liberal arts such as history and literature. St. Stephens University is undoubtedly the smallest university in Canada, but size has nothing to do with the achievements of this University because it is acclaimed to have received many awards. The tuition fee to study at St. Stephens University is a total of 6834.64 USD per 15 credit hours (1 year). Read more


2. University of Brunswick

This university is located in Saint John NB in Canada with two campuses in Bathurst and Fredericton. They have 75 bachelor’s degree and graduate programs that spanned across 30 fields with a tuition fee of 7830 USD per year. Read more

3. University College of North (UCN)

UCN is a public university located in Northern Manitoba’s capital city. It was founded to provide quality higher education for students in its environs. This university is cheaper compared to others with a tuition fee of 321.40 USD per credit hour or 4817.27 USD per 15 credit hours, which is a year equivalent. Read more


4. Brandon University

Bradon University is located in Brandon Manitoba. This university proffers a list of courses in Management, Arts, and social welfare. An interesting thing about Brandon University is that it also provides flexible study options and is affordable to foreign students, especially with the tuition fee of 5506.57 USD per 15 credit hours (1 year). Read more

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5. Newfoundland and Labradors University

This university is acknowledged as the cheapest for a foreign student. It is also known as the Memorial University of Newfoundland. It provides opportunities for courses such as Music, Medicine, Nursing, Business, Science, etc.; with a tuition fee of 560 USD per semester for grad students and 1570 USD per course for undergraduates. Read more

6. University of British Columbia

This university has different branches in Vancouver and Kelowna. It is prestige to be one of the top three universities in Canada with a tuition fee of 4460 USD per year for undergraduate students. They offer courses in applied sciences, Arts, Dentistry, etc. Read more


7. Simon Fraiser University

Simon Fraiser is University located on Burnaby Mountain in Metro Vancouver. They accept students around the world and the tuition fee that makes it one of the most affordable universities spans around 8519 USD. Read more

8. University of Regina

This University is located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan it was initially an agricultural college but has grown to include art, science, and management courses. The fee to study at the University of Regina is around 8414 USD per 15 credit hours. Read more

9. Humber College

This is a perfect choice for students who like to attend School in Northern Toronto it is located on the beautiful Lake Ontario with amazing views and the tuition fee is around 7414 USD per two semesters. Read more

10. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa popularly known as the University of O is the largest bilingual university in the world meaning that international students are in good company. This University is in Ontario in Canada. They have up to ten faculties under which school programs are facilitated. The faculties specialize in Arts, Medicine, Science, and Social Science. Tuition fee is between 1900 to 31000 USD for both graduate and undergraduate students. Read more

Study programs are available for both graduate students and undergraduate students. The tuition is dependent on the program you are applying for. Most graduate programs are often cheaper than undergraduate programs. The tuition references above are mostly for undergraduate studies.

How To Apply To Canadian Universities.

The Universities in Canada are known to offer quality education with requirements such as the required GPA, English language proficiency test scores, and application fees. Other factors such as research or extra-curricular activities give an edge to the chances of admission.

Students aspiring to join the above-mentioned schools must ensure that the needed requirements are met and should also note that each school has its stipulations and standard of operation, hence it is advisable to visit the school website for needed requirements and also acquaint yourself with their process of application and admission before sending your transcripts.

Every school appreciates students with value-adding skills both within and outside of the classroom. The student with leadership skills that help to contribute to the community is most appreciated. So, if you want to make yourself attractive enough to be considered for admission; you should hone your community development and leadership skill. Also, applicants should ensure that the required items are submitted within the given time.

How To Be Financially Empowered To Study In Canada As A Foreign Student

It is allowed to work part-time while undergoing a full-time course; this is dependent on the kind of visa in your possession. There are co-op programs that offer financial support to students by providing them with the opportunity to gather experience in their field of study. Some study opportunities also permit a student to work full time during school break periods; also, this is dependent on your kind of visa.

Some study permits are issued for a while and sometimes allow you to work on campus and sometimes off-campus.

Final Thoughts

As a prospective international student, you need to equip yourself with both academic ability and social skills; these are the major source of attraction to most international universities.

And most importantly, though some schools offer support as indicated, you must also have the ability to financially support the program you are applying for. Also, don’t forget to look through each university critically before coming to a conclusion.


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