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Cheapest Universities In India For International Students


A growing need for advancement in education in order to measure up to standards created by other Asian countries has led to the introduction of more private Universities.

According to UGC, there are over 280 private universities in India that promise superior learning in an environment built to facilitate growth in its students.

The following chart below given by depicts the increase of Universities in India over the last decade and this promises the nation to become one of the biggest educational institutes in the world in no time.


The increase is largely credited to the influx of private universities which have increased by over 50% in the last decade.

If you are now convinced that you want to study in India as a citizen or an international student and you have a budget, check out our list of the top ten cheapest private universities in India below.


Our statistics were drawn from careful research carried out by our team using Wikipedia and getmyuni and we will keep renewing as changes are made.

Here is the list of the top ten cheapest private universities in India;


10. Rai University

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Tuition: Rs 49,000 per annum


Rai University is one of the youngest universities in India as it was established in 2012. Since its establishment, it has sought to become one of the best private universities in India.

It has aimed to do this through its vision to “enable vital connections and collaborations among the spheres of academic and research elaboration, industry innovation and community needs, toward achieving greater societal impact, sustainable development, and lasting transformation”.

The mission statement of the institution portrays a strong interest in building the state of Gujarat through the empowerment of underprivileged individuals with a special focus on the girl child.

The aim of the university to disseminate and develop knowledge through interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder seminars, conferences, fairs, executive education, publications as well as community contact and development programs is one of its instrumental keys in achieving its vision.

If you feel this is the place for you to study, check out their website using the link below to access any other information.

9. ITM University

Location: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

Tuition: Rs 48,750 per annum

In 2017, ITM was ranked as the best in the Platinum Category Engineering Institute in India by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.

The institution which regards itself as one of the best private universities in India has a reputation for innovation and excellence.

The University is embedded with state-of-the-art learning facilities which garner interest from companies as their CEOs visit frequently for lectures and educational interests.

ITM offers a range of programs from Bachelor scaling to Ph.D. programs and special courses that are affordable and that is why it made our list of cheapest private universities in India.

8. Navrachana University

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Tuition: Rs 48,000 per annum

The University possesses a strong interest in professional, disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and general education.

After its establishment through the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009, it has been effecting out its plan to inculcate the right habits and mindsets into its students.

One of the educational paradigms of Navrachana University is to offer interdisciplinary education that cross-fertilizes learning with new ideas from disparate disciplines so collision at the fringes raises appropriate questions and creates innovation.

There are four schools in the institute through which it offers its programs under diverse courses. They include; School of Business and Law, School of Liberal Studies and Education, School of Environmental Design and Architecture, and School of Engineering and Technology.

7. Uka Tarsadia University

Location: Bardoli-Mahuva Road, India

Tuition: Rs 40,000 per annum

Uka Tarsadia University is regarded as one of the fastest-growing universities in India with over 9,500 students currently enrolled.

Its wide range of institutes connotes that there are a number of options you can pick from when it comes to taking a program.

The University has a number of amenities which include; great accommodation, sporting halls, and a wi-fi. You can see how this makes our list of cheapest private universities in India.

Awards and recommendations about the staff of this institute are outstanding as they have great interest in research and general improvement.

6. Bahra University

Location: Himachal Pradesh India

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Tuition: Rs. 38,250

Bahra University is regarded as one of the most exceptional private universities in the whole of India with its records.

Having over 23,000 campus placements, 2 international campuses, and 35,000 full-time students, you might be thinking this is the right place to be.

Some of its popular courses include; Hotel Management, Basic Sciences, Engineering, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Computer Applications, etc.

5. Nirma University

Location: Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, India

Tuition: Rs. 37,000

Nirma University is one of the fastest-growing private universities in India. It has since its inception introduced more programs.

The institution prides itself as a place for personal and social development as it’s curricular and non-curricular activities reflect its intent.

Nirma loves to be recognized as a research institution as integral research is carried out in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

The drive for excellence accompanied by its interest in personal and social excellence makes it one of the cheapest private universities in India with a difference.

4.GLS University

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Tuition: Rs 36,000 per annum

Established in 2015, GLS University was created with the objective of providing an ideal and creative learning environment and continuing the tradition of excellence in its education.

The vision of the institution is to create value through economic, social and environmental development whilst being a world-class education provider in a manner that is nationally entrenched, regionally recognized and globally relevant.

It also seeks to develop leadership which is capable, compassionate, conscious and committed to the common good through its many programs.

This institution has created a strong reputation within a short time which makes it one of the best private universities for international students.

3. Kaziranga University

Location: Assam, North East India

Tuition: Rs 32,500 per annum

This University is recognized as one of the best private universities in India with a great record for research.

Kaziranga University makes it a point of duty to organize seminars and workshops for its staff and students to update them with the latest innovations.

Their industrial and academic associations make it easy for them to carry out certain research using the best of instruments.

A visit to this institution will intimate you with a structure organized for the enhancement of productivity at all levels.

2. Mats University

Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Tuition: Rs 30,000 per annum

This University is regarded as one of the leading education groups in the whole of Central India with over 100 world-class programs.

The vision of Mats University is to become a world-class center in providing globally relevant education.

The institution has courses on human values and professional ethics that build the productivity and mental astuteness of its students.

These programs help students with mental hacks that improve the overall life of the student using little exercises.

1. IEC University

Location: Himachal Pradesh, Baddi, India

Tuition: Rs 26,250 per annum

IEC University with its motto “the knowledge experts” tops our list of cheapest private universities in India.

The University provides multi-disciplinary world-class education through effective and efficient processes.

Their automated systems make financial transactions of all kinds easy and accessible.

A visit to this school will intimate you with the admission process and will answer other pressing questions you might want to ask.

The twelve schools in the University possess a number of courses which are aimed at producing excellence in its graduates.


Indeed the choice of choosing the right institution that will suit your needs and improve your capabilities is always a tussle. We hope we have been able to help you narrow your choice of a place to study in India. Don’t hesitate to do more research and think carefully before you make a choice. We wish you the best.


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