Confirmation Of Permanent Residence In Canada 2022


When you get to Canada, a document is first issued to you, which is called the Confirmation of residency. It is usually issued to you by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

In this article, you will understand what confirmation of permanent residence means, and what it is all about.

Confirmation of permanent residence is usually called (COPR) form. This is given to you to establish permanent residency. A brief history states that this form replaced the old landing paper IMM 1000 a few years ago. A typical confirmation of permanent residence comprises the following details;

  • Name, date of birth, sex, and citizenship
  • Application number, document number, and UCI.
  • Personal details of the applicant.
  • Other application details like the date of issuance and category.
  • Other applicant information e.g., sponsor’s info, medical information, etc.

If you are outside Canada and you apply for PR, you will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence form. Then you will need to take the form to the port of entry where it will be validated.

However, if you are within Canada, and you apply for PR, you will receive an eCOPR, and there will be no need to validate your PR.


Is Confirmation of permanent residence different from a permanent residence card?

Confirmation of permanent residence only indicates the date on which you became a permanent resident of Canada. That means a permanent residence card shows that you are still a permanent resident.

Your permanent residency card allows you to travel to Canada so if you are not within Canada and your PR card expires, you will need a certain permanent residence card (PRTD) to travel back to Canada. Even if you’ve lost your PR, you will need a PRTD to travel back.


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Can your confirmation of permanent residence help you in traveling?

You can’t travel to Canada with your COOR. That means, your confirmation of permanent residence form can only assist you in the verification of your status, especially while you are applying for a PR card.


But your confirmation of permanent residence form cannot help you in traveling to Canada.

Why do you need your confirmation of permanent residence?

It is very important to keep your confirmation of permanent residence document in a safe place because you will need it to apply for Canadian citizenship if you are interested in becoming one.

So you will need your COPR to prove your status of PR in Canada. So this is why you need your COPR. It will be beneficial to you in the long run if you wish to be a Canadian citizen.

How Can You Get Your COPR?

Truth is, you cannot get a copy of your COPR. So instead, what you have to do is apply for what is usually called a Verification of Status (VOS).

When this form comes out, it carries the same information as contained in your COPR. Meanwhile, you cannot replace your confirmation of permanent residence when it is lost. But all the same, you can get a VOS instead.

How long does it take to receive your PR card after your confirmation of residence?

After landing in Canada, the first thing you should do is to send your home or mailing address to the immigration authorities. Then you will be sent your PR card just when your mailing address has been received.

But if you don’t send your COPR to your mailing address within 180 days after landing in Canada, then you will have to apply for another which will be well over 3 months for delivery.

So, if you have informed the immigration authorities of your mailing address after you land in Canada, but your PR card doesn’t get to you on time within 180 days, then you will need to apply for another one.

How do you validate your confirmation of permanent residence?

You can always confirm your permanent residency online at the permanent residence portal. You will receive an email that has to do with your permanent residence portal.

You can always respond to the email by making a declaration that you are in Canada, confirming your mailing address, and submitting a recent passport photograph which would be uploaded and used for your PR card.

So a separate account at the permanent residence portal will be created for you and forwarded to your email with your account details following. And you will be sent your PR card once your details have been approved.

Does IRCC issue confirmation of permanent residence documents?

Your confirmation of permanent residence documents is usually issued for you to have proof of your permanent residence status which includes the date of your landing in Canada.

So, if you are outside of Canada, sometimes some people are often issued their COPR documents before traveling to Canada. The officer at the port of entry would check this and ensure that all requirements are completed.

What does the Immigration category on the confirmation of permanent residence mean?

When you receive a confirmation of permanent residence in Canada, an immigration officer at the port of entry signs the document and dates when the permanent residence is granted.

This document is used to show territorial organizations and provincial organizations to access diverse services. The immigration category on the form is listed in this format;

  • Other application class
    • RHB: Rehabilitation
    • SV: Status Verification
    • ARC: Authorization to Return to Canada
    • PRTD: Permanent resident travel document
    • TRP: Temporary Resident Permit
  • Family application class
  • Refugee application class
  • Permanent Residence (PR)
  • Economic application class
  • Other application class

How long is your COPR valid?

If your confirmation of permanent residence is sent to you, then it is valid for about a year from your application approval. And it cannot be extended except under circumstances like COVID-19. So you should plan to use your COPR quickly before it expires.

Final Thoughts

Confirmation of permanent residence is a form that is issued to you get to Canada. Now that you know the steps to take to apply for one, go ahead and get your COPR because it is highly important.


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