Difference Between JAMB Admission And School Admission

Differences Between Admission on JAMB Caps and Admission on School website has been a major concern among students. while some are even scared because JAMB gave them admission and not given on the school portal and vise versa.

Nevertheless, on this page we’ll be clarifying all doubts about various forms of admission and most importantly the difference between JAMB admission and school admission.

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How To Use JAMB CAPS Portal To Check Admission Status 2020

I have been admitted on the JAMB website or portal but not on my school portal or website, JAMB has given me admission but my school has not yet given me admission.
What’s the difference between JAMB admission list and the school admission list?
Is it good to get admission in JAMB website but not yet on the school website?.

These are questions and concerns that have been raised by many people who have seen their admission on JAMB website but on the school portal or website, they are still seeing Not admitted or No admission is given yet or Admission still in progress.

Also, in this article, I will be giving answers to clarify your doubt on whether JAMB admission list is genuine or how the admission is being given.

Here’s how the admission processes are been done.

Stage 1. People will register for Jamb during Jamb registration and all the details will be stored on JAMB website concerning the school and course they chose during registration.

Stage 2. When the time for Post UTME arrives, Jamb will then compile the names of those that applied in each school and send them to each of the Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education involved.

Stage 3. Each school will then use those names and conduct post UTME or screening as the case may be.

Stage 4. Schools will now compile the names of those that perform well in the screening which they have considered for admission or have given admission and send it to Jamb.

Step 5. Jamb will also go through all the names submitted by the school and then add the names of qualified candidates that were not initially included by the school.

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Differences Between Admission on JAMB CAPs And School Admission.

The questions still remain, what is the difference between JAMB admission and school admission?. Even while I’ve explained how the admission processes are done, the answer to whether they’re differences between JAMB admission and school admission is that they’re no differences as JAMB admission also confirms that the school has to accept you and also school admission implies also that JAMB has to let you go.

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1. JAMB Admission:

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board – JAMB as a body have the power to grant admission to any student in any institution within the shore and soil of Nigeria whether or not the candidate meets the school requirements.

JAMB is responsible for over 4% of admission to Nigeria’s institution and it’s one of the reasons while it’s important to check your JAMB admission status regularly. JAMB has the names and scores of all UTME candidates and few who meet the admission requirements will be selected and will be given admission without permission or approval from the Nigerian institution.

Such candidates can visit the institution to claim the admission given by JAMB, Though sometimes these Students are rejected by the Institution.

Since the introduction of the JAMB CAPs – Central Admission Processing System, Schools (Universities, Polytechnics & Colleges of Education) are required to submit a list of the admitted students to JAMB for Upload.

2. School admission:

Upon conclusion of all necessary Exam – Post UTME, Schools are meant to collect and submit the names of qualified candidates to JAMB by following the admission quota has stated by JAMB. Any school that fails to abide by the rules set by JAMB may find themselves in a situation whereby their admission list will be rejected by JAMB and new names will have to be drafted and resubmitted to JAMB for final approval.

Jamb will issue admission letters to all candidates submitted by any institutions in Nigeria and such candidates can use the admission letter for present or future purposes. which may include Clearance Scholarship application e.t.c

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Okay, This is all we can say for now on the differences between admission on JAMB Caps and Admission on School of Choice. However, oh you do have any other unanswered questions, feel free to ask using the comment section below;

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  1. I was given a double admission on the supplementary list,different courses though. That from JAMB is different from my school and I seem to prefer the one given by JAMB over my school. How do I rectify this issues because,I have paid acceptance fee into the course given by my school mistakenly.

  2. Please sir my jamb caps is still showing “admission in progress “and I have admitted on my school website ,can I go on with my admission processes in my school?

  3. Pls at the IJMB A level 2nd choice, is it the same as utme that not every university you choose as 2nd choice can admit even if you got more than the admission requirment or A level second choice is different?, are they admit when you meet up the requirment?


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