Full List Of Documents Required for UNILAG Clearance 2022/2023

In the last few days, many newly admitted students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) approached me, asking the question “What are the documents required for UNILAG clearance?”. Today, I will be making my answer to that question publicly known. So if you have been searching for the documents needed for UNILAG clearance, this article will explicitly answer your question.

UNILAG direct entry form

For those who don’t really know what UNILAG clearance/registration is all about, note that it is the last clearance/registration every newly admitted student of UNILAG must do before they can start school fully. This clearance exercise is compulsory for every fresh student.

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Documents required for clearance in UNILAG

Below are the documents needed for UNILAG clearance:

  • Post UTME result slip.
  • Evidence of school fee payment.
  • JAMB result slip.
  • Admission Slip/Screening form.
  • O’level result certificate (WAEC/NECO)
  • Letter of reference.
  • Birth certificate or Declaration of age.
  • Secondary school testimonial.
  • State of origin certificate.
  • JAMB admission letter.
  • Passport photographs (At least 12).

OK. Those are the documents you need for clearance at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). Well, if you don’t know any of them there, or you mistakenly lost any of them, I enjoin you to continue reading as I will give more details about the above documents below.

Post UTME result slip:

One of the important documents you need for UNILAG clearance in your Post UTME result slip. It is the original result you printed from the UNILAG website after taking their Post UTME. If you have misplaced your own, quickly go back to the UNILAG portal and download it. Accordingly, you can click here to download it directly.

Evidence of school fee payment:

Another document you need for clearance in UNILAG is an Evidence of school fee payment. Here, you can come with anything that will show that you have actually paid your first-year school fee. It can be your school fee receipt, school fee RRR number from the bank, etc. Nevertheless, I recommend that you come with your school fee if you have any. Note that you must come with the original of any documents you want to use here.

JAMB result slip:

You also need your JAMB result slip for clearance in UNILAG. This must be your original result. It will carry your passport and your subjects with their scores. It is important to note that an ordinary JAMB result will not be allowed here. It must be the original result. If you don’t have the original, go to any cyber cafe in your area and tell them you want to print your original JAMB result. The price is N1,000 (One thousand naira only).

Admission Slip/Screening form:

To confirm that you have been offered admission into UNILAG, you must provide your Admission Slip/Screening form. This is a prerequisite for clearance in UNILAG. If you have any problem providing your own, simply download it from the university’s website again.

O’level result certificate (WAEC/NECO):

Your O’level result certificate can either be your WAEC, NECO or WAEC and NECO results. You can come with your WAEC and NECO results if you intend to combine them together. However, you should remember that UNILAG does not allow a combination of results for some courses. You can read more about the combination of WAEC and NECO results here.

Letter of reference:

More so, a Letter of reference from any reputable person in your community is required. The person can be a lawyer, clergyman, or Imam. This letter must also contain the signature of the person who wrote it.

Birth certificate or Declaration of age:

A Birth certificate or Declaration of age is also required for clearance at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). I personally recommend that you come with your Birth certificate. However, if you can get your certificate of birth, you can come with a Declaration of age. They are both allowed.

Secondary school testimonial:

Secondary school testimonial is the document you were given after graduating from secondary school. This document makes a statement about your behavior and characters in secondary school. It is necessary for clearance at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). For now, i can’t tell whether this document can be replaced if you can’t find yours.

State of origin certificate:

Students often find it difficult to get this document. Well, the procedure is simple but hectic. Your state of origin certificate is a certificate showing that you came from a particular state. It may also contain your precise local government. To get yours, simply go to your state headquarters in the area where you live. Tell them that you want to collect your state of origin certificate. It will be processed instantaneously and given to you.

Meanwhile, you should note that it is not free. You will be asked to pay for it (At least N1,500). Also, you will be asked may questions about your Local government before you will get it.

JAMB admission letter:

Your JAMB admission letter is the letter you will print from your JAMB profile after accepting your admission to JAMB CAPS. Meanwhile, I have heard students complaining that they say their names in the UNILAG admission list, but JAMB CAPS has not offer them admission.

Well, if you are one of these candidates, don’t panic at all. You can skip this document and proceed with the next. If you can get yours, come with it. But if you can’t get your own, proceed with the next document.

Passport photographs (At least 15):

Lastly, you have to provide at least, 15 copies of a passport you took recently (Not more than six months). It is also advisable to take it in a red background.

You will be asked to make photocopies of these documents. I personally recommend that you come with enough money for the clearance.


Well, that is all the documents needed for UNILAG clearance in 2022/2023. Hope this article was helpful? Meanwhile, if you have any more questions to ask on the documents required for UNILAG clearance, do ask me using the comment section below this post.

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