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Does Ghana Universities Accept NECO Result? See Answer


NECO is an acronym for National Examination Council. It is the national examination body of Nigeria. In other words, NECO examinations are only conducted in Nigeria. However, there have been speculations that NECO results are not accept abroad (Outside Nigeria).

Well, that is a fallacy because, NECO results are now recognised by many universities around the world. Nonetheless, in this short article, i will be tell you whether NECO result is accepted by Ghana universities or not.

does Ghana universities accept NECO result_

This is basically to clear the perplexity of students in Nigeria, who want to study in Ghana. So, if you have been asking the question “does Ghana universities accept NECO result?” here is an answer to your question.


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The answer is yes! You can gain admission in Ghana with NECO result. Many people don’t really know about this, but the truth is that, universities in Ghana now accept NECO results wholeheartedly.


Nevertheless, it should be noted that not all the universities in Ghana accept NECO result. Some top universities in Ghana always regret NECO result for admission. Thus, if you want to use NECO result to apply for admission in Ghana, you have to be sure that the university you are applying, accepts NECO result without any problem.

Universities in Ghana that accept NECO result

Having known that some Ghana universities accept NECO result, below are the most popular and prestigious Ghana universities that accept NECO result:

  1. University of Ghana.
  2. Central university.
  3. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
  4. University of Cape Coast.
  5. University of Education, Winneba
  6. Ashesi University College
  7. Valley View University.
  8. University for Development Studies.
  9. Ghana Technology University College.
  10. Regent University College of Science & Technology.
  11. Kumasi Polytechnic.
  12. Ashesi University.

Note: While students are mostly required to score at least 5(five) credits in Nigeria, Ghana universities expect candidates to score at least 6(six) credits.

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There you have an explicit answer to your question. In a recap, i just stated that it is very possible to gain admission into Ghana universities with NECO result. More so, not all the universities in Ghana accept it. That is all. I hope that after reading this, no one will ask the question “does Ghana universities accept NECO result?”.


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  1. last year i wrote WAEC and all my papers where withheld of which i was already given admission into the university, I look around and think of what to do, I cried all day because i don’t want to stay at home for another one year.


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