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Education Service Center Tulsa


As one of the best education service providers in the country, Tulsa is rich in educational resources and reforms. Being home to a large community of international and domestic scholars, the academic institution boosts a quality education that meets the world’s standards.

Education Service Center Tulsa

The main aim of the educational institute is the encouragement of academics and scholarship programs awarded to elite students. Nevertheless, in this article, we’ll be dealing with the Education service centre of Tulsa and what it’s all about.


For a start, these services include a whole range of stuff ranging from the mission 9 statement to the academic calendar. Let’s go!!


One of the most important aspects of the school is the adequate learning environment for aeronautical students, they provide facilities for aerospace technology, the program was launched 2022 – 2023 academic session. The school is located in the east-central where the total number of students is best graded at least ten of them in number.



Tulsa Mission Statement

“Our mission is to inspire and prepare every student to love learning, achieve ambitious goals, and make positive contributions to our world.

We are the destination for extraordinary educators who work with our community and families to ignite the joy of learning and prepare every student for the greatest success in college, careers, and life.”



About the After Learning Program

One of the services offered by Tulsa is the after-learning program. This academic service is aimed at providing scholars with ameliorate-type-of educational activities aimed at promoting their quality of learning. In the end, it is expected of students to achieve academic success as well as developed (SEP-wise) socially, emotionally, and physically.


More so, students are also assigned to some academic activities such as assignments to enhance their education. And when we talk about enrichment activities, it deals with activities that include the likes youth leadership offers, athletic and sports, recreational activities as well as arts. For more info check her official site about Tulsa.



The overview of Tulsa

Just like most other educational establishments, Tulsa operates from Monday to Friday. For the after-learning program, scholars are enrolled in 20 schools. Here, learning stops by 6 pm and may begin from 7 am (early morning) depending on the education service provider.


Even so, the elementary schools which offer after-learning programs do so under different terms and conditions. The 6 academic institutions that charge fees weekly for the program include Zarrow (Before Learning is also available here), Mayo, Eliot, Eisenhower (Before Learning is also available too), Council Oak, and Carnegie.


The fees charge per child on weekly basis is $80 while the before-learning program offered by Eisenhower and Zarrow is still that same amount ($80). In addition, Eisenhower and Zarrow also charge $90 per child for the Before-and-After Learning.


Moreover, there is a non-refundable fee of $25 per student. A discount is given for students who are siblings and it’s $35.


Another type of discount given is the Multi-child discount. Here, the child pays for the whole package while the rest will be settled with a 10% discount, no matter how many they are. Even so, those in the Tulsa team get a whopping 25% off.


Nevertheless, the 14 elementary academic institutions offering the after-learning program for no fee are Skelly, Salk, Robertson, Patrick Henry, Owen, Lindbergh,

Lewis and Clark, Lanier, Key, Hoover, Grissom, Felicitas Mendez, Emerson, and



Scholarship Opportunities Offered by Tulsa

Scholarship opportunities abound at Tulsa and students can grab the offer. Listed below are some of them:-


Oklahoma Human Services Child Care Subsidy program

The Oklahoma Human Services Child Care Subsidy program is one of the financial aid programs offered by Tulsa. This scholarship offer is targeted to aid children and assist them with education, quality of food, and supervision.

It has eligibility costs and once met, the cost of providing those services will be taken care of.

Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Nation is a financial aid program that is designed to aid in child care payments. It is most especially suitable for parents who rarely have time.

Muscogee (Creek) Nation

Muscogee (Creek) Nation is a subsidy program that is available for working-class parents. Funds are paid to relieve some of the Guardian/parents’ financial burdens.

Osage Nation Child Care Program

The Osage Nation Child Care Program is one of the scholarships and financial aid programs offered by Tulsa. This scholarship opportunity aims at providing low-income Native American families with child care assistance.


Academic programs of Tulsa

Some of the academic programs of Tulsa for the current (2022) academic session are:


  • August 1: Board of Education – regular meeting


  • August 6: Back to School Bash – All Families Welcome


  • August 15: Board of Education – regular meeting


  • August 16: Orientation Day for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 6th, and 9th Grade Students


  • August 18: First Day of Classes




  • September 5: Labor Day – No Classes


  • September 6: No Classes Subscribe to Alerts and Board of Education – regular meeting


  • September 19: Board of Education – regular meeting



  • October 3: Board of Education – regular meeting


  • October 17: No Classes Subscribe to Alerts and Board of Education – regular meeting


  • October 18: No Classes


  • October 19: Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences – No Classes


  • October 20: Fall Break – No Classes


  • October 21: Fall Break – No Classes


  • November 7: No Classes Subscribe to Alerts and Board of Education – regular meeting


  • November 8: Civic Day – No Classes


  • November 21:Thanksgiving Break Subscribe to Alerts and Board of Education – regular meeting


  • November 22: Thanksgiving Break


  • November 23: Thanksgiving Break


  • November 24: Thanksgiving Break


  • November 25: Thanksgiving Break


  • December 5: Board of Education – regular meeting


  • December 19: Winter Break


  • December 20: Winter Break


  • December 21: Winter Break


  • December 22: Winter Break


  • December 23: Winter Break


  • December 26: Winter Break


  • December 28: Winter Break


  • December 29: Winter Break


  • December 30: Winter Break


  • January 3: No Classes


  • February 20: President’s Day – No Classes


  • February 21: No Classes


  • March 9: No Classes


  • March 13: Spring Break


  • March 14: Spring Break


  • March 15: Spring Break


  • March 16: Spring Break


  • March 17: Spring Break


  • April 27: No Classes


  • April 28: No Classes


  • May 15: Commencement Week


  • May 16: Commencement Week


  • May 17: Commencement Week


  • May 18: Commencement Week


  • May 19: Commencement Week


  • May 20: Commencement Week


  • May 25: Last Day of Classes




As one of the best schools in the country, Tulsa provides a high-quality education. It has several scholarship opportunities as well as a learning and after-learning program.

Tulsa remains amongst the top equipped academic sector where students get the best of educational career and meetup world employment demand scheme.

Students opportune to attend the institute would be considered lucky as they’re room for both practical and theoretical advancement in place of getting proper skills related to the course of study.



What is the best educational offer Tulsa got to give students?

Tulsa has one of the best academic standards, in learning the teaching scoop and educational facility are well equipped. The college offers both private and public education for conducive learning, interestingly Tulsa has been recognized worldwide as a prestigious institution.


Does Tulsa have any core values?

The core academic values are meant to keep the reputation of both student and academic staff and the non-staff of the institute below is the list of the core value of Tulsa:-

  • Character
  • Equity
  • Academic excellence
  • Joy
  • Teamwork
  • Morals


How many schools are in Tulsa?

The school for the masses popularly known as the public school has a new approximated number of about 70 schools with 35,221 student splits within the country.

On an annual basis, Tulsa admits about 82% which some students still yet not have an opportunity to meet up academic demands. While for the public school the fee is quite affordable than private school. List of some private schools.

  • Bell ES
  • Anderson ES
  • Celia Clinton ES
  • Carnegie ES
  • Burroughs ES and more


What career opportunity Tulsa can afford?

In a place like Tulsa education is vast for everyone, more so, the city is overtaken by large educational activists, there are many career opportunities in place for individuals, eg the aviation industry is amongst the best career one can think of imagining.

The joy of school studying aviation is quite impressive, after taking an elective career and aviation or mechanical sector regarding the engineering part Tulsa pays all aviation students even while studying.


This is impressive to show the government is in support of education and the learning process going on smoothly. Here I’ll be giving a list of career programs in Tulsa.

  • Multilingual program
  • Aeroscope program
  • Electronics control system
  • Cyber security
  • Criminal justice investigation

…And many more


Which Month has more class hours than another month?

The month of May every year has full time for study and extracurricular activities, therefore the student would be engaged in these months.


Is the month of December favourable?

As we may know the month of December is winter field month so the educational program may likely not have full control till when the period is over.


Which month begins resumption?

The month of August is quite calm and the lecture begins with all board of trustee meetings collaborated by the management, to plan and make projects/budgets for the coming academic session.


What is the scholarship program in Tulsa?

The country has one affordable scholarship program and they welcome foreign and international students to partake in the scheme.


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