Glo Night Plans | How To Activate and Check Balance

Glo Night Plans – Recently, I must say that Glo network now runs faster after they made changes to their servers and made various improvements as well.

Part of this improvement gave birth to the Glo night plans for the night surfers. According to what they discovered, Night surfers are becoming much as some people now prefer the night plan as said that they isn’t any interruptions at the hour and users tends to browse comfortably.

With this, Globacom [GLO] Recently came up with this plan Night Browsing and I think it’s cool too. Well, the main purpose of this article is to show us how the Glo night plan works, how to activate and how to check your balance as well. Now let’s move on!!!

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Glo Midnight Plans and their Subscription Codes

Currently, They’re 3 plans for Glo users that want to subscribe to the Glo midnight plans. These bundles are available at different prices and different data volumes so you’ll choose the one that is affordable and suitable for you.

1. The Glo night only plan:

This plan is made available from 12 am to 5 am and is only durable for a single night. Whether you finish the data or not(automatically expires), you will have to subscribe again the next day to enjoy the Glo midnight bundle.

2. 1 GB night only plan:

This plan also is only available from 12am to 5am respectively but comes with a larger volume. To subscribe to this plan, you either send 60 to 127 or dial *127*60#

3. The Glo TGIF weekend plans:

The new Glo TGIF weekend plans goes for ₦500 only and can last throughout the weekend(friday to Sunday). So if you are an office worker, getting a 3Gb plan for only ₦500 would be an amazing way of spending your weekend.

To subscribe to this plan, you’re to send 61 to 127 or dial *127*61#

How to Check Glo Night Plans Balance

Glo has apprehend easy way of checking your data balance for any of the plans you may be using. The ways to check includes;

  • Dial *127*0#
  • Send INFO to 127
  • Also Dial *777#→ 3G or 4G data plans then→ 4 (Manage Data) then→ 4 (Check Balance)

Any of the above should work in checking your Glo data balance free of charge.

Glo Night and Weekend Data Subscriptions

When it comes to night browsing, Glo Nigeria is one of the leading telecommunication that offered good service. They are known to offer a 24 hours night plans, weekend plans and 5-night data plans.

Glo 3GB for #500:

The validation period is 7 days. It can be used anytime on weekend (12:00 AM on Saturday – 11:59 PM on Sunday) but works only from 12 AM – 5 AM on week days (Monday – Friday).

It is a weekend and night plan with 7 days validity. It offers you 3GB of the data volume in exchange for your 500 naira only.

During weekdays (Monday – Friday), it is only usable between the hours of 12 AM – 5 AM while on weekends, you can use it to surf from 12 AM on Saturday to 11:59 PM on Sunday.

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  • To buy this night bundle, text 61 to 127 or dial *127*61#.

Dial *127*61# or Text 61 to 127 to opt in.

– Get 1GB for #200:

It has a validity period of just a night and it can’t be used between 12 Am – 5 Am.

Dial *127*60 or text 60 to 127 to subscribe.

How to Cancel Glo Night Plan?

Like any normal data plans, there’s no need to cancel it as it doesn’t have autorenewer. although, you can cancel any Glo auto-renewal plan by sending CANCEL to 127.

Cheap Glo Tariff Plans and their Migration Code

Below are the current Glo tariff plans;

Glo Tariff Plans Migration Codes
Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan Dial *211#
Glo Jollific8 Dial *123*PIN#
Glo Infinito Dial *100*9*2#
Glo G-BAM Dial *100*5*1#
GLO bumpa bonus, Dial *100*10*1#
Glo Yakata Dial *220#
Glo Bounce Dial *170*4#
Glo Free Tomorrow Dial *300#
Glo Generation G Dial *170*5#
Glo Formula Dial *323*PIN#
Glo IDD Packs Dial *777#
Glo BiiGy Packs Dial *170*1#
Glo Jolof N25 Dial *0805*25#
Glo Jolof N50 Dial *0805*50#
Glo Flexi Dial *123*PIN#

If you are a frequent user of the internet at night, subscribing to the mid-night plans will be very great for you.

You can also use these weekend plans during the weekends for streaming videos, downloading or upgrading different software, uploading videos, using the social networks and also in doing other high data activities.

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