How to Check Your 9Mobile Phone Number Easily (Code)


In a situation where you don’t know what exactly to do or you are doubting on how to get your mobile number, we are going to share with you some important 9mobile codes, how to check your mobile number and other relevant code for the betterment of an enjoyable network.

You might want to subscribe you phone or check your mobile number, or even check your current package or plan, Incase you run out of code to proceed your actions, you are in the right place to source information.

Code to check 9Mobile plans and number

Here are some fast way in which you can check some relevant code or information about your 9mobile, keep reading to get update.


Code to check your 9mobile number, dail *248# wait a minute, your 9mobile number will pop-up on the screen, immediately a message will be sent to you, open and check, that is your 9mobile number.

It’s won’t be necessary carrying your sim pack or asking anyone for help on that.


Some necessary code to check your 9mobile plans

How to check your number, you can also dail *200# and follow the steps promptly.

You can check your tariff plan, dail 2002# then follow the instructions.


How to buy data, dail *229# follow the instructions.

Ways to check your data balance, dail *223# then you check your message


Check other 9mobile bonus, dail *545#

Contact customer care service dail 200

Transfer airtime, dail 223pin*phone number# follow the instructions

All the above code pass the test from different people, it works perfectly well, give a try and enjoy the best of your mobile device.


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