How To Open A Non-Resident Nigerian Bank Account

Non-Resident Nigerian (NRN) Bank account is an account created for Nigerians in Diaspora.


In this post, we will be guiding you on how to open one, irrespective of the bank you are using.

Truely, all commercial banks in Nigeria allows customers to open a non resident account.

The process involved in getting one is not stressful but this is dependent on the approach.

So, here are the process involved:

Complete The NRN Application Form

Visit your financial service provider (Bank) website, download and complete the form.

Attach A Means Of Identification

You will be required to submit any means of your identification. This may be your Current Nigerian international passport, Foreign passport or any other documents that bears your ID.
This is very important because you cannot get an NRN account without a valid means of identification.

Attach One passport photograph
Proof Of Residence

This requires you to authenticate your state of residence via utility bills. You can use Your water or electricity bill that is valid for a 3-months period.

This should match with the address on your application form.

Alternatively, you can use a signed and stamped bank statement or credit card statement still within 3-months validation period but it should show your address.

Provide References

You can either

• Obtain a reference letter from a Nigerian current account owner operating with any Bank with a banker’s verification on it or

• Obtain two reference letters from a Nigerian current account holder also operating with any Bank in Nigeria.

This should be certified and the easiest way to go about it is through any South African Police Service (SAPS). This service is free of charge.

Scan all Of Your documents and submit them via your email to the Bank you want to open NRN account with.

This is followed by verification and confirmation by the bank.

With this simple procedures, you will get your NRN bank account with less stress.

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