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Ibrahim Chatta Net Worth: Cars, Houses & Latest Movies

In 2022, Ibrahim Chatta’s net worth is estimated $1.9 Million. He is currently amongst the top richest Nigerian movie producer.

Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta is a Nigerian movie actor, singer, producer, director and an entrepreneur, he is well known for most interesting rolls he plays in movies, especially in the Nigerian Yoruba movie.

Chatta is a man of integrity, a strong man that achieved more from nothing due to persistence and hard work. In these article, you would understand more and know about ”Ibrahim Chatta” his net worth and he’s latest movies and more.

Early Life

Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta is a native of Bacita, Edu, local government area of Kwara state. He was born October 13th 1970. He is from a popular Yoruba ethnic group, they have the highest number of languages spoken by over 4 million individuals.

The Nigerian educational system has made a necessity, which place learned people as one vital personality and also given opportunity to express themselves in the society and environs. Chatta being one of those not having being in school, letting him drop at a very tender age in his secondary school. Even without obtaining a certificate (WAEC/SSCE) he fairly has passion or zeal towards education, instead of him being in school he prefers to learn or do something else to keep him busy.

Can one easily think of an uneducated person who’s zeal is to make success? Unbelievable! Chatta was a secondary school drop-out, dispit that he speaks English more fluently and also good in script writing, which he had more fame in the Nigerian movie industry. In an interview Chatta planned in furthering he’s education.

Education being a priority in every individuals life, making Chatta incomplete without being educated, he later regret his actions of not being in school at an early stage. The movie actor later enrolled himself in a polytechnic in Oyo state.

As of 2022, Chatta’s net worth is roughly estimated $1.9 million.


Knowing more about Chatta’s career, he was brought to limelight, after his breakthrough in his educational pursuit. Ibrahim Chatta had always dreamt of being a movie actor, not knowing what he would pass through at the cost of it. He faced so many tough time.

Facing the reality of life, he had done so many odd jobs, which includes Hawking, bus conducting, local ice cream seller and selling meat and other things, it’s make him stronger also build him for more greater task ahead. Later he’s goals was archived, finally the dream of becoming an actor finally came to pass.

He started acting at age 15 where he performed in some street acting roll, which he used costumes from his Mother’s attire. The passion he had for acting made Ray Eyiwunmi became his roll model, rolls they play inspire Chatta alot.

As far back as 1985, Ibrahim Chatta, began seeing his dream come to reality, at age 15. At these stage he began performing on stage, now! Becoming famous, he major’s in the Yoruba movie industry,

Chatta’s Cars

Being a celebrity, his major priority is to leave a well organized life, all the luxury of life which he could afford, his money is spent on buying the best cars adding to his fleet, adding are the BMW, Bez, Lamborghini and many exotic cars.

Chatta’s House

The pass decade Chatta’s hard work has proven to be outstanding, in the entertainment industry, is said to be where individuals can show up what they got in them, the industry has really made Chatta’s dreams come to reality, the entertainer owns houses around Lagos State Nigeria, also having in the Lagos main land.

Ibrahim Chatta Movies/Awards

Ibrahim Chatta being a movie producer, director, & script writer, the Yoruba movie industry which he major’s in has brought to fame and more recognition amongst the Yorubas. His movie are always entertaining which makes his audience love watching them. Ibrahim succeeded In film making through his collaboration with other top movie actors and producers. Producer like: Jide Kosoko, Dele Odule, Femi Adebayo, Muyiwa Ademola, Afeez Eniola, Wale Akorede, Bisi Komolafe and Kabira Kafidipe.

Ibrahim Chatta Movies

Atini O’go (2006)

Olo (2008)

Mafi Wonmi (2008)

Òréré layé 2009

Mafisere (2009)

Eburu adigun (2010)

October 1 (2014)

The midnight sensation (2019)

Omoyagba (2020)

Ogundabede (2021)

He won many awards and has many fans, these are view of his depute.

• Best of Nollywood award for best actor in a supporting roll (2021)

• Best supporting actor in Yoruba film (ifa iwa)


The popular Nigerian Yoruba movie producer, actor and film maker has made fame in the Nigerian movie industry, we have been able to see more about his biography and net worth.

As of 2022, the celebrity net worth is roughly estimated $1.9 million.

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