How to Print JAMB Admission Letter 2022/2023 for UTME & DE Candidates

How To Print JAMB Admission letter 2021: For an introduction, Only the JAMB candidates who enrolled in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)/Direct Entry (D.E) and offered admission into accredited tertiary institutions shall be able to print their JAMB admission letter here.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) have opened a portal for both Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination(UTME) and Direct Entry(D.E) candidates to access and print their admission letters online without delay.

All the candidates that are offered admission can now print their Jamb admission letters on the official JAMB portal after they have made the payment of N1,000 (one thousand naira only). Read carefully easy steps on how to make your payment either by bank branch or using your ATM and how to print your JAMB admission letter even by yourself without having to visit any cafe.

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When Will Jamb Admission Letter Printing Be Out?: When will Jamb 2020/2021 Admission letter be out for printing and how can I print it? Jamb Admission Letter Printing and other full detail are what we shall discuss in this article. In simple words, the JAMB admission letter printing is out already and every admitted candidate can print their own JAMB admission letter now.

What Is Admission Letter? Merely, as the name implies, admission letter is a form of letter that confirms and rectify that you have been offered provisional admission into a University, Polytechnic or college of Education.

Jamb admission letter can also be said in literal term as a document offered by Jamb itself every year to candidates who have been offered admission to study in any approved institutions in Nigeria.

The Jamb admission letter will only contain your own full name, the institution and course you have been admitted into, your address, your passport photograph, duration of your course of study, terms and conditions that govern your admission.

Note: it’s imperative to note that, I can not use your own JAMB admission letter so also you can not use another person’s own. And to say it all, it can’t be forged/make a fake copy. 

When Does Jamb Admission Letter printing Begin? Usually, Jamb will enable the portal for admission letter printing after a particular school have released the full admission lists.

Note that before you can print your admission letter, you will have to check your Jamb admission status 2021 online. If your Jamb admission status shows that you have been offered admission then you can now proceed to print your Jamb admission letter without delay.

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How much is JAMB Admission letter Printing? The price of printing JAMB admission letter is fixed and was generalized in all places, The price of JAMB admission letter is strictly fixed at just N1,000 only. It doesn’t matter which state you’re, this was made known 9n the JAMB official website. The good thing is you can print out your JAMB admission letter yourself provided you have a laptop and printer. All you have to do is follow the steps in this article painstakingly as I take the lead.

Different Between JAMB Admission Letter & Institution Admission List

Jamb Admission Letter as said earlier is a document offered by JAMB every year to candidates who have been offered provisional admission to study in any approved/accredited institution in Nigeria, this letter can only be printed on JAMB official portal,

While School admission letter is a special document made available by the school management itself to all candidate which have been offered admission, school admission letter can be print only on institution’s/school’s portal that offers you admission, and before you can access school admission letter you must have paid your acceptance fees as directed by the institution after your admission was declared.

Detail That Will Be Found On Admission Letter.

Below are the full details that is expected to be found on your JAMB admission letter after you must have printed it. On this note, make sure you cross check that these information are complete on your JAMB admission letter.

  1. Your Full Name (Surname & First Name)
  2. Your address
  3. Your passport photograph
  4. The institution and course you have been admitted into
  5. Duration of your course of study
  6. Terms and conditions that govern your admission.

Without further ado, let me quickly move to the topic of how you can print your admission letter even by yourself, don’t be afraid you can do it yourself, just follow the steps listed below carefully, and you’ll save yourself money and stress.

How To Print Jamb Admission Letter For 2021 & Years Downward.

Here’s the full guide on how to print JAMB admission letter for 2020 and years downward, provided you were offered admission.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Proceed to Login”.
  3. Enter the Email and Password you used to create Jamb profile.
  4. Click on login. Click here if you are unable to login.
  5. Your JAMB account homepage will open.
  6. Click on admission letter under services (See screenshots below).
  7. The page for payment confirmation will open (See screenshots below).
  8. You will be charged #1000 to print your admission letter.
  9. Click on continue to payment.
  10. Click on pay now.
  11. You will be deducted via the payment option you choose.
  12. You can pay via remitta or mastercard.
  13. Then wait for payment confirmation.
  14. You will now print your admission letter.
  15. Done.

How To Make Payments for JAMB Admission Letter

On this heading is how to make the payment fee for printing JAMB admission letter which cost just N1000 only.

  1. After you have proceeded you payment using the paynow button
  2. You will be directed to Remita site where your payment will take place
  3. To pay using your ATM card, you scroll to the field where you have the payment method
  4. Click on it and select “CARD”
  5. Fill in your card details below and click on submit
  6. Wait for Remita to process your payment and you are done
  7. You can as well select BANK BRANCH if you are paying directly to the bank
  8. After the selection you click on submit to download and print your invoice which will be taken to the bank to process your payment
  9. When your payment is fully made go back to Jamb’s efacility Login page at
  10. Enter your details and strike the login button
  11. Click on the tile carrying the admission letter select the year you wrote the examination
  12. You can now download and print your admission letter.

This is the little we have to say for now on How To Print Jamb Admission Letter For UTME & DE Candidates. However, if you get stuck at any point, do not hesitate to let us know using the comment section below and we’ll reply to you immediately.

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