How To Calculate LASU Aggregate Score For Admission

How To Calculate LASU Aggregate Score For Admission 2022/2023 academic session: How to calculate the Lagos State University post UTME points for 2022/2023 admission session.

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Lagos State University (LASU)

Lagos State University is one of the renowned state institutions in Nigeria, with notable alumni. The University was classified as the best State University in Nigeria 2018 university ranking. LASU was established in 1983 by the enabling Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, for the advancement of learning and establishment of academic excellence.

Without further ado, in this article, I will walk us through how we can calculate the LASU aggregate score to determine your admission chances into the institution.

The aggregate score represents all the total points or percentage scores by a candidate after calculating the JAMB and the Institution Post UTME. Aggregate Cut off Mark calculation differs from institution depending on the way they want it to be.

How To Calculate LASU Aggregate Score 2022/2023

In a recap, how aggregate scores are calculated differs by institutions. So also LASU has its own formula when compared to other universities. below is how LASU aggregate score can be calculated;

While calculating the LASU aggregate score, it is imperative to note that the JAMB UTME total mark is 400 while LASU Post UTME is 100 Mark.

Also, note that your O’level result has 20marks. While your POST UTME and JAMB have 30 and 50 marks respectively.

The O’level grades have the following points:

UTME Point = [UTME (400)/8] = 50%
O/Level Point = 50%

As shown above, the JAMB Score should be divided by 8.

Now let’s calculate the LASU Aggregate score


LASU Post UTME form

Calculating LASU O’level and Post UTME Aggregate Score.

  1. Calculate the grades of your FIVE compulsory O’level subject. Let’s assume FlashAcademy has A1 in the five relevant subjects, then our O’level point is 20.
  2. Your LASU post UTME score is not touched. Now let’s also assume FlashAcademy has 20/30 in the post UTME, then our post UTME points will be 20.
  3. Finally, you should divide your JAMB Score by 8. Let’s say FlashAcademy’s JAMB score is 280? Then our JAMB point will be 35 (ie, 280 divides 8).
  4. Add the three points together and this will give you your LASU Aggregate score. From our illustration, FlashAcademy’s aggregate score will be 75%.

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