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Less Competitive Courses in Nigeria (2021)


Less Competitive Courses are the easiest courses to study in the University. However, most students usually go for the popular and common Courses instead of choosing a less Competitive one to study in the University.

Although, it is believed that when one study these Courses he/she may not find a good place to work but I totally disagree with that as there are wonderful and top paying companies you can work after your studies.

One of the advantages of going for a less Competitive Course is that you have assurance of gaining admission in to the university even if you don’t meet the cut off mark of the school.


For this reason, in this article I will elucidate and discuss on those non-competitive. Courses you can study in the University and get a good place to work when you finally graduate.

In light of this, if you want to know the less competitive and low competitive Courses to study in the University I enjoin you to read this article painstakingly while I take the lead.


Less Competitive Courses In Nigeria

Below are the less Competitive Courses you can study in Nigerian Universities in 2021;

  1. Language Courses
  2. Education Courses
  3. Agriculture
  4. Religion C.R.K/I.R.K
  5. History
  6. Building Technology
  7. Zoology
  8. Radiography
  9. Mathematics/Statistics
  10. Veterinary Medicine

Yes, these are the top 10 less Competitive Courses you can study in Nigerian Universities.


However, I won’t just stop here as I will go futher to discuss why the above mentioned are not always sought after, where you can work when you graduate and other informations to know about each courses mentioned in this article.

Language Courses:

The Language Courses generally are know to contain the local languages both Nigerian and other countries local languages as well which may include; Yoruba, Igbo, French, Chinese, Spanish and others.


This course is considered number one less Competitive because majority of students don’t know about it and even if they do, they have no idea of what it means and places they can go with it.

Where can I work when I study Language Course?

Studying a language Courses doesn’t necessarily means you will work as a teacher.

When you study language Courses, you can work in many places I am going to show you below.

As a graduate of any Language courses, you can work as a journalist in most media and television companies, you can work in an immigration office.

English graduates may also work in the areas of marketing and public relations, where their strong grasp of the finer points of the English language can prove to be very useful to potential employers.

With this, I think you’re moved to believe that Language courses are the most less Competitive Courses to study in the University.

Education Courses:

Education Courses also have low competition because hardly choose to study this Courses under free Will.

Majorly, Education Courses are studied in College of education meanwhile most Universities now allow it.

Studying Education Courses has been tagged “teaching/teacher” but you don’t always have to end up in the classroom as it is hypnotized to be.

Some Education Courses includes; French Education, Technical and Vocational Education, Agricultural Education, Entrepreneurship Education, Computer Education and so on.


Agriculture and Agricultural Courses are one of the most lucrative Courses we have in Nigeria today.

People who study agriculture and other agriculture courses do not have to wait on government for employment, even at the comfort of your home you can explore agriculture courses.

Courses Under agriculture Includes; Crop production, Animal production, Agriculture Engineering, Soil science and technology, fishery, aquaculture Technology and others.

Studying Agriculture doesn’t necessarily means you’ll become a farmer, and even as that farmers are very wealthy and are one of the richest people in the society today.

In light of this, if you want a less Competitive Course to study in the University, Agriculture Courses is a recommended one.

Religion Courses:

Obviously we can’t mention less Competitive Courses without including religion courses.

Religion Courses just like language Courses are very less Competitive one. Students hates to hear these courses even while it is a normal subject in the college days(Secondary School) they will have to be forced to offer the subject.

Nevertheless, Just as the name of the course, it is majorly the study of religion and beliefs. Most ART students tend to find themselves in this course when they don’t meet up with the requirements of their chosen course.


History is another less competitive course you can study in the University. Although, Most people consider studying history less prestigious and a waste of time.

History is an underated course in Nigerian Institutions which makes it less Competitive and easy to gain admission in the University.

As a graduate of history, you have high hopes of getting a place to work because they are highly in demand and scarce to find in the country today.

Building Technology:

As most university aspirants are running to the civil engineering department, some wise ones choose Building technology as their course of study for easier admission in Nigerian universities.

Building technology is the study the technical processes and methods used in the constructing buildings. It is basically a combination of both architecture and civil engineering.

As a building technologist, you can work anywhere you like as far as it’s in the building sector. Graduates of this course are highly respected in Nigeria.


Zoology according to Wikipedia is the branch of biology that studies the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct, and how they interact with their ecosystems.

Zoology revolves the study of animal behavior, animal physiology and life in general. Someone who’s interested in studying zoology in university must take an education program in life and animal sciences and biology to complete the degree needs.

Of no doubt, zoology is one of the top 10 less Competitive Courses to study in Nigeria for easy Admission.


Radiography is the study of internal images of a sick patient’s body in other to diagnose injuries or diseases effectively. They also treat and care for people with cancer.

Radiography is an excellent course most especially for science students. This course is actually unknown to many students. This course has been outclassed on the ground that it is not competitive but of great surprise that Radiography is very lucrative and very respected too. It is really a good choice of science course to study at university.

Majority of students don’t know this course and what they do which makes it less competitive for anyone to easily gain Admission in any University in Nigeria.


One of the believe of studying mathematics or statistics is that you get to work in any organization.

Majority of students believes mathematics and Statistics is a tough course hence they run from it and this has made the course less competitive. Provided you have an average grade in your entry examination, you’re good to go.

Trust me you won’t regret choosing statistics if you want a less competitive course to study.

Veterinary Medicine:

Veterinary medicine still remains one of the best less Competitive courses for students in the field of science.

According to Wikipedia, the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, disorder, and injury in animals is known as veterinary medicine while a veterinary doctor is an expert in veterinary medicine.

Veterinary medicine is a very prestigious and lucrative course for Students who doesn’t want to study a competitive course and an alternative for Students who liked to study medicine and surgery but cannot because of its competition.

Other Less Competitive Courses To Study

  • Oceanography
  • Sports Science and Health Education
  • Visual Art and Technology
  • Agric- Extension and Rural Sociology
  • Soil Science and Land Agro-Climatology
  • Ecotourism and Wildlife Management
  • Shipping and Maritime Technology
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Secretarial Administration
  • Marine Biology
  • Operations Research
  • Marine Science and Technology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Surveying and Geoinformatics
  • Industrial Physics with Electronics and I.T Application
  • Physics /Astrology
  • Wood Production Engineering
  • Physics and Computational Modelling
  • Mechatronics and Systems Engineering
  • Polymer and Textile Engineering
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Environmental Management and Toxicology
  • Cooperative and Rural Development
  • Public and Private International Law
  • Personnel Management
  • Plant Breeding and Seed Technology
  • Adult and Non-Fiction Education
  • Transport Planning Management and Education

Okay I have discussed on the top less Competitive Courses to study in the University, I have also provided detailed information on each courses to make the list complete.

If you have passion for medicine or other most competitive courses and you know well you can cope, please do not draw back and let speculation stop you. Go for your dream and trust me you will succeed as long as you choose right.

Now that I have completed my part, do not go without dropping a comment, what do you feel about these courses? are you already thinking of picking one earlier and you don’t know if it’s the right move?.

Hit me up in the comment section below let’s both discuss about it.


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