List Of All Nigerian GSM Network Phone Number Prefixes


There are many network in Nigeria, the most important and popularly use once are mention, the Phone/GSM prefixes such as (MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile)

In Nigeria there are many telecommunication network pending on which one to be use, meanwhile there’s different network and it’s prefixes, they are different from each other, as the trend moves, it’s differs.

Prefix in these context refers to as, for example, 0803, 0812, 0905, all these are all stressful if you want to keep on asking people for that.


The Global System for Mobile (GSM) is a means where the network provider gives services. The first GSM provider in Nigeria was the Econet, it’s was launched December, 2021. Nevertheless, MTN also began operation that same year. 

The Nigerian country prefixes always come before the network prefixes, e.g +234, these is the Nigerian code.


All GSM Network Phone Number Prefixes in Nigeria

Research has been made to see to the easy outline of phone numbers and prefixes, so if you are in need on how to check your phone number, which network it belongs to, am rest assured you are at the right place.

Prefixes For MTN Numbers (Nigeria)

Numbers to easily identify an MTN line are listed below


1. 0803

2. 0813


3. 0806

4. 0703

5. 0706

6. 0816

7. 0819

8. 0810

9. 0903

Prefixes For Airtel Numbers (Nigeria)

Numbers to easily identify an Airtel line are listed below.

1. 0802

2. 0804

3. 0904

4. 0708

5. 0812

Prefixes For Glo Number

Numbers to easily identify a Glo line are listed below.

1. 0805

2. 0807

3. 0905

4. 0811

5. 0815

Prefixes For 9Mobile

9mobile is also known as Etisalat in Nigeria, here are it’s prefixes.

1. 0817

2. 0809

3. 0818

4. 0908

5. 0909

Prefixes for Starcoms

1. 07029

2. 07028

The list shows the way each network display it’s prefixes, if you observe well, most network nearly have same prefixes, watch well!

You must not be confused, and if you have been worried weather the number you are to call is an MTN, GLO, AIRTEL & Etisalat. Go through these well, it made easy.

These guide would help you not to be confused anymore, wherever an MTN, GLO, AIRTEL &  ETISALAT it should be detected with ease. 


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