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List of Worst Universities in Nigeria

Want to know the list of worst universities in Nigeria to study?

The list of worst universities to study in Nigeria is not just a mere opinion, it is based on the world ranking.

Also, being the worst university doesn’t necessarily mean the institution is very bad, It certainly means that employers tend to look down on graduates from these universities. Hence, You don’t wanna find yourself in a job interview you’ll be turned down on.

In light of this, that it is the worst university doesn’t mean they have the worst teaching methods or they have the worst teachers, just as I highlighted earlier, people generally have bad views of them based on their history or non-popularity. This is why you shouldn’t try to study in any of these universities.

Conversely, You may attend the best universities in Nigeria and still study the worst course too. It doesn’t make any difference from studying in the worst university which is why you should also see the list of the most lucrative and best-paying courses we listed here.

Without further ado,

These are the list of worst universities in Nigeria:

10. Christopher University

Appearing here is Christopher University. It is noted to be the last university on the list of Nigeria’s worst universities because of its unpopularity. Unlike the other universities that will appear below the list, the university is known for its academic quality.

The university is noted for offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, which is reflected in the type of graduates it produces.

9. Dominican University

The Dominican University in Ibadan, Oyo State, is ranked amongst the list. The university is a private institution in Nigeria that provides a variety of undergraduate programs.

The vast majority of courses are either not accredited by the National Universities Commission or were not developed by the university.

Because of this, it is not advisable for anyone looking to greater academic height. Hence, it is included among the list of worst universities one can attend in Nigeria.

8. Kwarafa University, Wukari

Kwarafa University is another institution considered among the worst ever universities to attend. The reasons being that they do not have the majority of top courses accredited. What’s the essence of attending an institution if there are no courses to study. Trust me no one wants to study a mere course.

7. Clifford University

The Clifford university is a newly chartered institution by the Ministry of Education. It is ranked 7th of the worst university in Nigeria.

Though it is a recognized private university in Nigeria. most of the courses offered in the school are not accredited and this has impacted the school negatively.

6. Eastern Palm University

Eastern palm university is a Nigerian institution with a public and private partnership figure.

Has quite a number of accredited courses.

Eastern palm university is located in Imo State, Nigeria.

5. Dominican University

Dominican is the fifth on the list. Dominican University is located in Ibadan, Oyo State. The university is a private university that offers numerous undergraduate courses in Nigeria.

The majority of recognized courses are not accredited in the university.

Some of the courses offered in the University include Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, Criminology, Mass Communication, Geography, Biology, Computer Science, Statistics, Political Science and International Science, Public Administration, Sociology.

4. Legacy University, Okija

The Legacy University is located in Okija. Being a Private University, the school is also accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) with most of the courses yet to get accredited.

Currently, the institution has 19 Undergraduates programs. The number of postgraduate courses offered at the university is currently unknown.

Hence, It is the fourth-worst university in Nigeria.

3. Hezekiah University

Hezekiah University is a private university in Umudi, Nkwerre Imo State, Nigeria.

This institution is listed as one of the worst schools in Nigeria because of the nature of the academic teaching they offer. their student performs low when compared with the standard educational structure.

2. Spiritan University, Nneochi

Second, on the list is spiritan University.

The University name is derived from the Latin word “Spiritus” which means “Spirit”

The institution was said to have been formed in response to a push for private sector participation in education.

Due to the teaching technique and lack of sufficient learning equipment, the school was named one of Nigeria’s worst universities. Furthermore, the majority of the University’s courses are not accredited.

1. Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences

Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences is the worst university in Nigeria.

The National University Commission recognizes the school as a private institution. However, the majority of the courses given at the school are not accredited, which has had a detrimental influence on the school.

The programs offered by the school include Medicine, Human Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry, Pharmacology, etc. Also, the school is currently running some postgraduate courses.


I hope you found this article fascinating?

We have listed and elaborated on the top 10 worst universities in Nigeria. It is left to you to decide.

In a recap, these are the list of worst universities in Nigeria:

  1. Christopher University
  2. Dominican University
  3. Kwarafa University, Wukari
  4. Clifford University
  5. Eastern Palm University
  6. Dominican University
  7. Legacy University, Okija
  8. Hezekiah University
  9. Spiritan University, Nneochi
  10. Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences

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