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National Education Strategic Plan 2021-2030


Do you want to know more about the National education strategic plan for 2021-2030? Keep reading this article as research has been made extensively to guide readers on how to go about it and further understand the procedures involved. Before we look at the 2021-2030 NESP. The NESP has been in existence before the renewal for 2021-2030, and 2016-2021 already existed.

National education strategic plan

Plans were discussed on how to strategize for building a better NESP, the rebuilding should kick start in 2021. More so, a series of meetings were held to ensure a work plan for implementing the national education strategic plan for 2021-2030.



Some top delegates were all present at the meeting and decisions on educational demands were put into consideration. Both regional and state having met together with the union couple the executive members were all present at the meeting, more so, an important personality in educational matters all attended.


A strategic work plan was put into consideration by the union implementation on national education strategic planning for the year 2016-20 the reform of educational ideal was non-discriminable. Everyone was all carried along in meeting the 21st-century demand.



NESP Skill and Studentship

The union at the meeting venue discuss the skill and studentship for NESP students, as a student, you should be decent and portray a good studentship manner and be creative with taking responsibilities.

More so, the budget of the government would be increased and the educational sector would take her to re-form; this will enable quality teaching skills, and aid in technological infrastructure which builds standards for both national and international levels for all.



There are many skills one can acquire from national education strategies and still earn a good career. Every skill help for allowing all interested individuals willing to partake therein. Here are a few lists of skills with examples.


Administrative skill/career

An administrative skill or career relates to an office job, keeping and maintaining, and managing office documents, nonetheless, it increases the productivity of a company, and performing administrative tasks may concern.



It is clear for any organization to have administrative skills which are clearly stated as important to keeping good office records skills important every company. There is some vital skill to aid smooth flow in any organization. Here is the list of administrative skills.

  • Accounting
  • Record keeping
  • Event coordination
  • Computer management
  • Time management
  • Videoconferencing
  • Database management


Technical skills

This skill acquisition is best known as what one can give back to society, having known about this you need to develop yourself to gain knowledge and experience in a particular area being an expert in technical jobs.


We would be looking at technical skills and how they are related to our daily lives. Here’s a list of some career opportunities.

  • Technical writing
  • Data analysis
  • Projects management
  • Some common operating system
  • Programming language and more…


This skill could be gotten or learned through Job or industrial training. For example, the programming part of a computer is being practised and learned over time, these demand the total knowledge and best of which the person is willing to give to society and self.

Graphics design, programming language, coding, and many more in the computer world are necessary skills one can attain.


They’re many areas that demand technical skills, the educational sector needs teachers to be technical and realistic in their profession, in banks customer service demands a technical manner of approach to relating well with the customer.


Importance Of Technical Skills

Having a skill is the best to think of, and the importance of the skill to the society is very key, nearly all jobs, starting from banks, schools, office work, even the religious centre, and our day-to-day life demands technical skills to keep the labour market updated. Nearly all jobs are interested in workers with technical skills.


This particular skill brings about competition in the labour market, which is very vital to all. More so, professional jobs are technical thinkers, these fellows are critical in their doings adding skillfulness to perfection. So, you should know many employers are interested in the acquired skills.


Getting skilled

All you need to do is follow all the steps listed to know more about getting the best of any resume opportunity which might come your way, so you won’t be left behind. How can I be skilled and maintain the professional standard?


Knowing some important skills: for instance, developing a solar panel, would demand your skill and years of experience, without being professional, the installation would be difficult.


Goal setting: having achieved the set goals, work towards them and make sure they correspond to your career choice, hard work ignites success, therefore, procrastination might be a big hindrance to getting a successful goal in the long run. Set goals are meant to advance with time.


Take an appropriate training skill; learning is known as a continuous process in life, therefore, appropriate training must be needed for a better skill acquired. There are techniques which make the best in any given opportunity, especially towards learning, learn what you want to specialize on.


Timing is important; all successful individuals out there find time to work on themselves and their careers, a dedicated time should be allocated for any given career or learning advancement.


Strategic implementation plan

Before you implement a plan, there are certain things to put into consideration and facilities


National education strategic plan FAQ


What a strategic plan could be in education?

This plan is a specific plan for the futuristic endeavour, in terms of company and organization they portray significant strategies which enable them to plan.  Focusing on developing and improving every aspect to show Prudence and competence. More so, the cost of how to run could be a factor for which the plan goes smoothly.


What is the benefit of an education strategic plan?

First, let’s see about the National education strategic plan in Myanmar and what it entails. The government of Myanmar is working hard to take education to an advanced level in which education would be prioritized, more so, the benefits would be fully released to every individual both locally and internationally. Most important the benefit would be the government implementing a new national education strategic plan for 2022 – 2030 simply means everyone would benefit from the massive improvement.


Would NESP play an important role in society from 2022 – 2030?

The most important role the system would play is to invest in the future, 2022-2030 would be futuristic which implies both government and individuals liars to a quality standard in the educational sector. For any proactive and sustainable development, an approach must be put in place to sort out leakage in the sector, meanwhile, the younger generation must see the reason for better development.


The NESP aim and results, what’s it all about?

We’ll be looking at the aim of the NESP and Interesting facts about the school system coupled with her goals.

  • In the early 90s student were not opportune to attend school, these eras from 2000 till date provisions is made for all interested individuals willing to attain any level of education. The aim, from 2022 – 2030 every student will be given an opportunity.
  • In the future, there would be a high percentage of graduates with resources to give back to society.
  • The trained student would be able to showcase and be independent.
  • Every student would have an idea about education.
  • Literacy level would reduce to the barest.
  • Education would be free for all and medical facilities would also be free with drugs and medical attention.


Do you know some examples of the strategic plan?

We’ll be looking at some important factors of a strategic plan, how to go about it, and possibly provide solutions.

  • An annual conference for clients must be held at least twice yearly too, talk on the subject matter.
  • Punctuality is very key.
  • The topic of the day must be plain and clear.
  • The speaker of the day should be factual.
  • The public speech also matters to enlighten people.
  • Send across invitation.


Do you know the three strategic plans?

The basic level of the strategic plan is the.

  • Upper management
  • Middle management and
  • Operational level


It’s crystal clear that these levels are best for interaction which aid good communication between employee ranging from every level. Teamwork amongst workers is necessary, therefore, the firm must adhere to all due protocol.


How is the educational reform being handled?

The reform process is managed by the educational board of trustees to enable all schools to stick to the standard of quality education, most especially the public place of learning, also funding the school is part of the reform process, meanwhile, the government should be concerned about the welfare of the school, necessary equipment, and conducive learning environment are also considered.


What  NaCCA is all about?

NaCCA is a body responsible for the educational progress and a regulatory body mandated to take care of the academic curriculum and assess the performance of the school given a standard rating. They also oversee all sections of education starting from the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of education, providing basic needs.


What does National education aim at doing in 2022?

They aim at promoting education and giving more value to education while promoting the value international student would seek interest to earn a degree, that would boost the GDP of the nation. From 2022 – 2030 the number of applicants would increase.


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