Nigerian Air force Ranks and Salary Structure 2021 (Official)


Do you want to know how much the Nigerian airforce staff are paid? Many Nigerians who are interested in becoming an air men/women will fine these article helpful. While Individual who wants to earn a career as an air staff should be encouraged with the pay.

The Nigerian airforce is a branch of military they helps with securing air-space, they take control of every activity on air, the airforce is a branch of military that helps in keeping or maintaining peace in the nation and the world at large.

The Nigerian airforce was founded 1961 to support other sister military, meanwhile the Nigerian Army, Navy, Police. Airmen/women partake in the joint task force (JTF) within an outside Nigeria. They are also train in fighting on air, they are also equip in the use of sophisticated air-weapons.


There are two major stream of the Nigerian air-staff, the airmen/women are known as the Non-commission and Commission staff’s.
The Non-commission staff are the recruite, while those having a lower qualifications on education criteria.

The Commission officer are those with higher qualifications


The desire of Nigerians to know how much the airstaff are paid monthly is worth knowing, keep reading to explore more, get more informations below.

Nigerian Airforce Salary Structure

The salary scale of the Nigerian airforce is based on individuals rank and level of service.

Non-Commissioned Officer

Trainee: Monthly salary: #10,000

Cadet (Trainee) Monthly salary: #44,000


Aircraft man/woman: Monthly salary: #53,000

Lance Corporal: Monthly salary: #55,000

Corporal: Monthly salary: #58,000

Sergeant: Monthly salary: #69,000

Flight Sergeant: Monthly salary: #87,000

Warrant Officer: Monthly salary: #101,000

Master Warrant Officer: Monthly salary: #165,000

Air warrant officer: Monthly salary: #171,000

Commissioned Officer

Pilot officer: Monthly salary: 187,000

Flying officer: Monthly salary: #218,000

Flight lieutenant: Monthly salary: #232,000

Squadron leader: Monthly salary: #248,000

Wind Comdr: Monthly salary: #342,000

Group captain: Monthly salary: #352,000

Commodore: Monthly salary: #677,000

Vice-Marshal: Monthly salary: #1,376,000

Marshal: Monthly salary: #1,487,000

Air Chief Marshal: Monthly salary: #1,724,000

The Airforce Ranks

The list of Nigerian airforce rank is stated below. The Non-Commissioned and the Commission Officer.

The Non-Commissioned Officer are the recruite, those with lower educational qualifications, the Commissioned Officer are those with higher educational qualifications.

Non-Commissioned Officers Rank

The Non-Commissioned Officer are listed from the lowest rank to the highest, i.e from the trainee (Recruit) to the Air warrant officer.


Aircraft men/women




Flight Sergeant

Warrant Officer

Master Warrant Officer

Air warrant officer

The Commissioned Officer

These set of Officers are the boss with higher educational qualifications (graduates) they are listed from the lowest to the highest.

Pilot officer

Flying officer

Flight lieutenant officer

Squadron leader

Wing Commander

Group Captain




Chief Marshal

The Marshal

Marshal is the highest rank of the Nigerian airforce and the highest paid officer.


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