Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria (Pictures + Net Worth)


Who are the richest yahoo boys in Nigeria?: In Nigeria, 60% of the youth use cyberspace to dupe unsuspecting clients in businesses or crazy relationship ordeals, or even assets. In Nigeria, they are generically referred to as Yahoo boys.

The Yahoo Boy scarcely lives independently. Although they are regarded as the biggest boys of society.

Meaning they can afford to buy the latest of the things in the world from the cash they make from their so-called clients.


Today In this article, we will talk about the top 10 richest Yahoo boys in Nigeria. They are all really wealthy and are not really ashamed to boast of their money.

It will as well surprise you to know that most of them are not ashamed to be called a Yahoo boy. In fact, they boast of it in the open.


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Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria.

Below is the list of the 10 richest yahoo guys in Nigeria this 2022.


1. Ray hushpuppi

Ray Hushpuppi also is known as”Aja Puppi” a.k.a  Aja 4, is a Nigerian scammer that is based in Malaysia.

some of his notable schemes include Money laundering and so on and so forth. he is a self-acclaimed philanthropist.


The young man has a gullible taste for things that are porche and very highly fashionable.

I currently cannot estimate the true net worth of the Hushpuppi guy, but people say he had a Rolls Royce, the most recent Range Rover plus a few cars, adore traveling into a private jet, and purchasing beverages worth millions of naira!

He is also quite obsessed with the Gucci design brand. MR HUSHPUPPI is not contributing to society at all! but is worth billions of naira.

2. Mompha

Ismaila Mompha is estimated to have at least a net worth of $500 million dollars.

Ismaila Mustapha is the CEO of Bureau De Change. an exchange business in Lagos state. The company is recognized to be a major foreign exchange company in the State.

People from different small business world or ventures can quickly exchange currencies at the Bureau De Change office. Mompha was spotted so many times son his Instagram page with plenty of hard currency Luxurious goodies.

TMompha travels to different countries in and from Africa in which his shopping and in different fashions and saying the way of life.

According to Mompha, the main thing to him isn’t fame but cash.

He works hard to deserve such a life, and he enjoys the money great such as many Nigerian celebrities. He has met with a lot of Nigerian Celebrities, many of whom are his pals.

3. shy Boss

He is a Nigerian musician and entrepreneur. he used his yahoo capital to make profitable investments and is renown for an outlandish lifestyle.

Boss appears to be one of the greatest Nigerian social media sensation, and he’s heavy on style and luxury.

He’s the co-founder of this BNS music record label, co-owned by Nigerian performer and business person, BNaira.

He’s also the co-founder of a firm, Ballycious Kitchen, which he runs side by side with his little sis. This rich man has over 180,000 lovers on media excluding myself.

4. Baddy Osha

Baddy Oosha is a Malaysia-based Nigerian artist who’s famous by popular names in the Nigeria amusement industry.

He had been appointed as Badmus Akeem O. and was an actor after starring in the actress Toyin Aimakhu’s film titled”Alakada Reloaded”.

He’s been cited in tunes by Olamide, Lil Kesh, ice hockey and singers. His net worth is projected bucks.

5. Dharmie Richie

Dharmie Richie is one of the richest indigenous yahoo guys in Nigeria.

He is stylish, lush, and contains several hundred thousand followers on Instagram. The rich dude has been seen hundreds of times and his flat is topnotch.

I believe he has several resources including properties that are landed

6. Deskid Wayne

Probably the youngest to the list of allegedly Yahoo boys in Nigeria is Deskid Wayne.

This G-boy lives like he prints loads of cash from his house.

Nigerian cyberspace broke after he released photos of him using US currency to smoke on Instagram. (make Trump just catch hin go here am)

7. Opa6ix

Opa6ix has been around now for quite a long time and has been regarded as a fan of items that are really expensive.

Opa6ix’s lavish photographs on Instagram shows he is a lover of the fanciest items.

Showing of constantly on social media, he’s undoubtedly one of the 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria.

8. BNaira

He was born Adewale Adebayo and he hails from Ekiti State. He was known as the richest dude at the University of Lagos, where he donned and acquired a degree in Geography.

He’s one of the top 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria today. He is a Nigerian musician famous for his song titled”Jasi” which threw him got into limelight.

B Naira is into BitCoin trade big time, and some of his most important customers are the men on the record. He is one of the most lavish and fashionable on the list.

9. Aremo Gucci

Aremo Gucci is another Gucci freak famous for his flamboyant lifestyle off Instagram.

He’s rich no uncertainty and warrants the mention as one of the Nigerian biggest boys in the country.

Aremo Gucci is classical and also has a taste for killer footwear, and also lovely and expensive haute couture outfits.

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10. Investor Bj

Investor Bj is a Malaysian based Nigerian socialite famous for his extravagant lifestyle on social media.

Investor BJ is well-known for his lifestyle accompanied by party life and unique fleets of automobiles. He promised to be the sole African to be recognized by Gucci in Malaysia.

Are there other yahoo boys that should be on the list? feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below


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