Best Short Story Websites/Blogs In Nigeria

Are you a talented young writer, searching for the best short story websites in Nigeria; where you can read and post interesting literature works? If yes, then search no further because in this article I will show you the top 7 short story websites and blogs in Nigeria this 2021.

short story websites in Nigeria

Trust me; you will love these websites. I enjoin you to quickly go through the list below and visit them one after the other. You will definitely find the best for yourself there. Now here we go!

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Best Education Websites/Blogs In Nigeria – Updated Version 2021

Short Story Websites In Nigeria

Below are the short story websites and blogs in Nigeria below:


OK. There you have my list of the best short story websites and blogs in Nigeria. Well, if you really want to know why i chose these websites as the best, continue reading, as i will provide detailed information about them.

Writertain is one of the best Nigerian short story websites I have seen so far. It is also one of the oldest literature blogs in Nigeria. Writertain shares interesting short stories, poems and articles with visitors. More so, the website allows visitors to post their literayure works, and if their works are good enough, they will be approved and published by the blog admin. You can check out this site if you want to.

Ebonystory is another awesome short story website in Nigeria. I didn’t know this website until a friend of mine introduced me to the site in December 2018. I can boldly assert that Ebonystory is really good.

If you love reading romantic stories, or you like stories with different episodes, then ebonystory is the best for you. One other sticking thing about Ebonystory is that they allow visitors to post their personal works. No doubt, Ebonystory is one of the best short story websites in Nigeria this 2020.

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Best Education Websites/Blogs In Nigeria – Updated Version 2021 is one of the top short story websites in Nigeria that will feed you with different types of short stories. If you like reading funny, tragic or romantic short stories, then this is probably the best site you should visit. Though I haven’t known this site for long, I think they also share tips that will help young writers to develop their writing skills.

Above all, also allow guest posting (That is post from visitors). You can simply submit your interesting story or article to the site admin by clicking on the top-right Menu. Trust me; this is the best short story site i have seen in Nigeria for now.

If you are searching for a website in Nigeria that not only post fictional literature works, then Wurastories is an ideal website for you. In this site, both fictional and non-fictional stories are shared. Accordingly, they publish interesting and educating articles for visitors too.

Wurastories also allow visitors to post their works. So if you are a talented writer in Nigeria, and you want to make yourself known to the general public, simply visit Wurastories now. It is indeed, one of the best short story websites in Nigeria today.

Yes! Emperorblog is also great for short stories and poems. The blog is one of the most popular literature blogs in Nigeria now. I personally recommend every young writer visit this blog regularly. You will learn many things about literature there.

Emperorblog is owned by Mr Emperor. He is a renowned and well-known writer in Nigeria. I read his first short story “Sex Na Food” in 2018. To be frank, that story was what made me add his blog to this list. Trust me; it is one of the best short story blogs in Nigeria today.

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This is probably the best lifestyle and literature blog in Nigeria. was founded by Farida Adamu in December 2014. The website is basically for lifestyle, blogging and literature.

After doing much research about this website, I discovered that it covers every form of literature (poetry, prose, drama etc). Today, is very popular and prestigious. In fact, many Nigerian writers call it an authority literature website. If you are a poet, novelist or anything related to literature, this website is ideal. Visit them now to confirm.

It was created by Daniel Ndako. The site was intended to foster the talent of young Nigerian writers. Here writers are allowed to post their works and read the works of other writers. By so doing, talented visitors will find it fascinating whenever they write because someone is definitely going to read their work.

More so, Daniel Ndako often put up competitions on his site, where everybody is allowed to take part in. There is apparently no doubt, is one of the best short story websites in Nigeria today. is not basically a site for short stories or poems. Though, the site has a category for short stories and poems. One thing i love about this site is its articles. They publish interesting and appealing articles about contemporary literature in Nigeria. is managed by Otosirieze (deputy editor). It was created sometime in 2015. Today, the website is very much respected. In fact, they are one of the most updated short story websites in Nigeria. If you want to quickly go to their stories and poems section, click here.

ZenPens is a blog about writing in general—short stories, poems, articles and others. It’s a home for readers.

This website came into existence last year and sure has been fulfilling its vow for its viewers. The site promise to give you the best of writing. It is also an online platform where writers—story writers, poets, and others—can effectively and easily show their talents. So if you’re a writer and looking for a place to share your work, Thezenpens is the place.

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For now, those are the best short story websites in Nigeria. I hope those websites were useful? Do not forget to tell me what you think about them. More so, if you have any literature websites you think should be on this list, let me know using the comment section.

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