Top 10 Richest Churches in the World & Financial Worth

The world’s oldest religion is Christianity it is known as the oldest cause it came first amongst other religious bodies in the world, right from the creation of the world. God made man in his image and identity, he created man so man can worship him. 

Jesus Christ is the head of all churches, as so, he is the ultimate founder of churches around the globe. The church is a gathering where believers come to worship God through his son Jesus Christ. 

Though some heads of churches have turned it into a place to make money and fame, we would take a look at some churches and their net worth.

10 Richest Churches in the world

Catholic Church:- $50 Billion

The Catholic Church is the oldest and the richest amongst all churches in the world, it’s was founded by the apostles of Jesus, thousands of years ago, more so, there is a different branch of the Catholic Church, The Roman Catholic, and others. 

The head of all Catholic Churches across the globe is the Pope. The Pope is seen as the mouthpiece of God to the people, and so, he is well respected by many, more so, the Catholic Church headquarters is located at Vatican City in Rome.

The various diocese is headed by Bishops appointed by the Pope himself while pastors, deacons, and priests are heading various parishes. The Catholic church remains the largest Christian church where other denominations sprung out from.

The net worth of the Catholic Church is not very certain, though the $50 billion is an estimate because the Catholic Church is worth much more than $50 billion. 

Anglican (Church of England)

$40 Billion

The Anglican Church separated from the Catholic Church in 1534, it’s still stood the oldest church, it’s brake out due to the request the then King Henry’s request wasn’t granted, a request to divorce his wife, which the then Pope didn’t approve of it.

The Anglican Church has the highest population in England and other parts of the world, her members are estimated at one billion people across the world at large, the net worth is estimated at $40 billion.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:- $40 Billion

This religious organization are also called LDS or Mormon Church and have their headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States. They have approximately 17 million members worldwide and are present in over 176 nations with various missionaries and congregations totaling 120,000 and still growing.

The founder of the Mormon Church was Joseph Smith in 1830 at Fayette, New York. The Mormons believe in Jesus Christ but have a different view as to the nature of God and the potential of mankind. Apart from the Holy Bible, they base their doctrine on the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

The church estimated net worth is access $40 billion.

Episcopalian Church:- $30 Billion

The Episcopalian was founded in 1785,  though separated from the church of England after the American revolution.

Her headquarters is located in New York City, the church has more members in addition to what it has, still on its net worth, the total worth is access $30 billion.

Protestant Churches:- $30 Billion

These are Christian religious bodies that opposed the Papacy and the Roman Catholic teachings. They center their belief system on the word of God contained in the Bible, denying all other additions made by the pope.

Soft today, there are more than 30,000 protestant denominations scattered around the world. Their history can be traced to Martin Luther in 1517 when he spoke again the Holy See. In terms of accumulated wealth, they too are ranked among the top.

Pentecostal Churches

The Pentecostal churches are modern-day’s churches, where the richest pastors in the world are all found. The Pentecostal churches are headed by different bodies across the globe, for Nigerians, the Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) is the head of all Pentecostal churches in Nigeria, some Pentecostal churches include: Living Faith Church, Redeemed Christian Church, Deeper Life Bible Church and more.

The world’s richest pastor in a Nigerian name David Oyedepo is the richest pastor according to Forbes. There are more churches, these are just a few, the Pentecostal church’s net worth is determined by each organization.

Church of Scientology

The Scientology church was founded in 1953 in California the United States, they have mixed doctrine, which comprises science and spirituality.

The church is known as the world’s richest church world, here its worth is access $20 billion.

Episcopalian Church

This church broke away from the Anglican Communion and occupies a spot among the richest churches of the world. The Episcopal Church was founded in 1785 and its doctrine is based strictly on the death, resurrection,n, and life of Jesus Christ. With over 1.6 million active members recorded in the United States alone, the population of the Episcopalian church has grown to an impressive 90 million worldwide.

The financial worth of the Episcopalian church isn’t document but with its growing numbers of parishes and missions worldwide, it is said to be within the $1 billion range

Free Masonry

Freemasonry is an old occult that began in 1717 with the establishment of the Grand Lodge in England. This religious organization has almost all the world’s richest men and billionaires as members, and it is that they control and dictate the political and economic will of most countries.

Majorly, the Masons claim they operate on the idea of making good out of its members. The brotherhood or freemasonry was only open to men in the past. It was in 1908 that the first female lodge was accepted. The Free Masons are known to control lots of resources, having occult and magical powers, secret rituals, and styles to boost their ranks among the ten richest church organizations on earth.

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