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Top 10 Richest Men in Ebonyi State & Net Worth (2021)


Ebonyi state is situated in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. The state is blessed with agricultural produce, in Ebonyi, Rice is cultivated in large quantity, they are well known as rice farmers, the people of Ebonyi State speaks Igbo as their major language, they share close boundary with Enugu state.

Most rich men from Ebonyi get their riches through business, due to the blessed nature of the land of Ebonyi, the richest men deals on import and export of farm produce, this present administration has given some fund for the growth of agriculture in the state, it’s therefore means the people have utilize the opportunities appropriately.

This is a platform that enables you to get information at it peak, a well source info. The list of the top 10 richest men in Ebonyi State would be revealed, these is the latest of 2021.


10 Richest Men in Ebonyi State and Net Worth

As we read through the names of the top richest men in Ebonyi, we would realize the source of each individuals wealth is through business while some through politics.

Chris Abani Net Worth

$20 Million


Ebonyi State top richest man is no other person than Chris Abani a well known business man, he is well known for his philanthropical work is does for the state. He’s net worth is assessed $20 million

He is well known as a fecund writer, an author, he has written more top ranking books, He is well known in the United States of America, with lost of his foreign audience, they have always love what he does. Chris is a graduate from one of the prestigious state university in the Eastern part of the country


Anthony Agbo Net Worth

$15 Million

Anthony Agbo is a politician, a Senetor representing Ebonyi North senetorial district of the state, meanwhile, he is a member of the ”Peoples Democratic Party” (PDP) through politics he is the wealthiest.


Anthony is also a reporter an a genius writer, who has written lots of books across the globe, the Senetors net worth is estimated $15 million

Anyim Pius Anyim Net Worth

$15 Million

Anyim Pius Anyim was a former Senetor an a Senate president, he is amongst Nigerian even in his state he is well respectful, he was a politician an a lawmaker 

He’s among the few Igbo politician who has a successful political career. Under the adminstration of the former President of the country. Dr Good luck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) Anyim Pius served as a secretary of the federation. He is among the richest in the state.

Andy Chukwu Net Worth

$10 Million

Andy is an entertainier a popular noollywood actor, director, producer and more. Most of the film’s he directed are Issakaba, witches, Karisheka and a host of other top movies.

The entertainier who has taken his Wealth to a more beta level by assisting the needy, a philanthropist in nature, a cheerful giver, he has provided skills for youth empowerment in the state, trying to give the youth hope.

Sam Egwu Net Worth

$9 Million

These is another politician who emerges the richest individual in the state through politics, he was once a governor of the state, which he sat twice as a governor, he was then a strong member of the people’s democratic party (PDP).

Prior to being a governor, he contribute in great way to the growth of the state, especially in the educational sector, according to Forbe, he gave the people his best in developing the state.

Martin Elechi Net Worth

$9 Million

Martin was a former governor an also a businessman, the economy of the country then was more better than what it is today, though he made his money, and also made name for himself.

Sylvanus Ngele Net Worth

$8 Million

Sylvanus is another top notch politician in the state, a Senetor representing Ebonyi North senetorial district and also a lawmaker in the state, though he has impact lifes of his kins men and other individuals, politics has been a road map to his success.

Nwali Sylvester Ngwuta Net Worth

$5 Million

Another richest public figure in the state, though his wealth are not aquire through politics, in fact, Sylvester is a legal practitioner, in the same way a justice of the supreme Court of Nigeria. He is a well certified practitioner.

Paulinus Igwe Nwagu Net Worth

$4 Million

This is another richest individual in the state, though not a politician, he is a law activist

Benard Odoh Net Worth

$4 Million

This is the final on the list of top 10 richest men in Ebonyi State.

He is a political man in the state, a politician who has brought about difference in the state. Hoping to impact lifes, he currently hold a place in the state politics and one of the key men therein.


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