Top 10 Richest Musicians In Kenya and Their Net Worth in 2021


We bring to you the latest list of the top 10 richest musicians in Kenya this year. The Kenyan music industry is one of the pacesetters in the African music industry, producing some of the biggest hit songs in the continent.

Over the years, Kenyan music has grown exponentially and many of their star musicians have become widely known by a lot of people across the continent, especially for music lovers.Just like the top richest musicians in Nigeria.

The wealthiest Kenyan musicians have made a lot of earnings for themselves through what they do best.This has brought questions among music lovers about the Richest musicians in Kenya, and this article will give accurate answers to that.


The richest musicians in Kenya have all carved out a great career for themselves through talent, work, dedication, and consistency.

Each of the artist represented on this list have had their own share of controversies over their careers, but they always come out on top with scintillating performances that dazzle fans and audience.


How about we get to the major point?

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Kenya 2021.


10.Nameless (Net Worth: $800,000)

Nameless is a superstar musician in Kenya who made a name for himself after breaking out from the 1999 star search contest that was hosted by the then Kenyan Urban Music radio station.

Nameless gave the judges of the show an excellent performance as he does to his audience today, and right there, his talents in music became recognized.


Through his music that was deemed so thrilling to fans, he toured all of Eastern Africa, America, and finally the United Kingdom.

After the release of his debut album titled “On Fire” in 2004, he immediately became a household name and earned top reviews from critics.

Having had a wonderful career till date, he was ranked among the 100 most influential Kenyans by the Standard Newspaper.

9. Wyre (Net Worth: $1 million)

Kevin WyreNext on the list of the richest musicians in Kenya is Wyre. Kevin Waire is a prominent and popular Kenyan musician who is mostly referred to by his stage name Wyre.

He became popular for his unique genre of music in RnB and Reggae.Despite initially starting his career as part of a popular music group called the Necessary Noize and East African Bashment Crew.

He went ahead to carve out a great solo career for himself; which brought him much more success on a personal level.

His excellent career has seen him release two solo albums which took the whole Kenyan music industry by storm.

His career can be characterized as long and successful as he had performances in many nations across Africa.

This saw him maintain a presence in the Kenyan music industry for so long. Throughout his career, he had performances with many other international artists like P-Square, 2Face Idibia, Alaine, Cecile, and Morgan Heritage.

8. Size 8 (Net Worth: $1 million)

The now gospel artist was noticed through her talent by Clement Rapudo also known as Clemo – Calif Records 10 years back. Inevitably, she was signed in to the record label, a deal that signified the beginning of her musical career.

She immediately got the consideration of the general population through her hit melody while as a secular musician with tunes like ‘vindonge’ before pronouncing that she had acknowledged Christ the Savior in her life and had been renewed.

This news broke out in online media, resulting in both love and criticism from audience and fans.

Notwithstanding, she had truly changed for good and begun producing gospel tunes from that point forward.

Size 8 sings R&B afro pop contemporary Christian music (metropolitan contemporary gospel) genre.

Her music has earned her a fortune which earned her spot among richest Kenyan musicians.7. Nonini (Net Worth: $8 million)Nonini began his successful music career in the wake of becoming an artist under Calif Records in 2002.

Nonini eventually left Calif Records and joined Homeboyz Production after a series of unknown issues with the former.It was at his new label that he delivered his introductory single, Nonini Ni Nani?

The single turned into a banger and earned him acknowledgment in the Kenyan music industry.In 2002, he dropped his subsequent tune for his fans, Manzi wa Nairobi, which further earned him fame and star status.

The song also became one of the most played melodies on public radio broadcasts across Kenya. Following two years of taking a shot at his art, Nonini finally released his first official album, Hanyaring Game in 2004.

The album was a hit with significant singles like Keroro. His hit album earned him a lot of endorsements with big firms in Kenya; earning him a spot among the richest musicians in Kenya. He has never looked back since then, dropping one hit single on another.

6. Willy Paul (Net Worth: $8.5 million)

Willy Paul is an award-winning musician and lyricist and the CEO of Saldido international entertainment.

Willy Paul rose into the spotlight subsequent to delivering his first single, Sitolia in 2010.

Willy PaulThe tune which he co-wrote with Gloria Muliro was an impression of his life history, portraying the battles he had experienced throughout everyday life while being appreciative to God for changing his life for good.And truly, his life was changed after releasing that hit, as it propelled him to fame and lots of recognition from fans and tenants audience generally.

His earnings rose exponentially with the subsequent release of hit songs. This cemented his place among top 10 richest musicians in Kenya.

He has won various awards and nominations including the male artist of the year at the 2013 Groove Awards.

5. Jaguar (Net Worth: $9 million)

Charles Kanyi who is well known as Jaguar in his days as a musician is the Starehe MP serving his initial term in office.

The popular vocalist won the seat on the Jubilee Party ticket in the 2017 general political race.

Jaguar is a widely established fact that he won the political election to the office due to his popularity among the Kenyan population for his musical prowess.

Jaguar who is known for his flashy and generous way of life began his career as a musician by delivering a couple of hit singles that propelled his popularity.

He is among East Africa’s top and most commended musicians due to his contributions to the growth and development of the Kenyan music industry.

4. Akothee (Net Worth: $10 million)

According to Akothee, she went into professional music when she understood that her Zurich lover whom she felt loved her for who she is, was just keen on having a child with her.

Akothee – top Kenyan singersShe chose to channel her raging energy into her music and began performing at prominent gatherings where it was rumored that she could procure 1,000,000 shillings for each show she attends.

She made an instant hit in the music industry after releasing her debut single and subsequently an album in her name.

From then on, her musical career took great shape and earned a lot through it.

Her net worth of $10 million makes her a serious contender among the richest musicians in Kenya.

She has featured lots of top music artists around the world, some of which includes McGalaxy, Give It To Me, including Flavor, Sweet Love including Diamond, Benefactor, and many others

3. Lady Wanja (Net Worth: $12 million)

Queen Jane, popularly known as Lady Wanja was born in Kangema, Murang’a Count

She began her musical career in 1984 as a backup singer for popular Mbiri Young Stars under the band leader Musaimo (Simon Kihara).

After breaking out from the band a few years after, She assembled a personal band Queenja Les and delivered her debut album titled Ndorogonye in 1991.

This album didn’t see much success, but that didn’t stop her from going further ahead in doing what she loves.

Wanja who is now listed as one of the richest musicians in Kenya also have gone through tough times.

After a year, her career got the Breakthrough which she badly needed after she released a hit song titled Mwendwa KK, which comprised of other hit singles like Ndutige Kwiyaba, Muici Wa Itura, Muthuri Teenager and Arume Ni Nyamu.

All of these songs touched on the social problems facing Kenyans at the time. After this album, she quickly became famous and while the sun still shines, she followed up with other singles as well as albums.

Her contributions to the Kenyan music industry were massive and her net worth rightfully earned her a place among the richest music artists in Kenya.

2. Bahati (Net Worth: $15 million)

Bahati is the most popular gospel musician in Kenya born December 22, 1992.

His career has earned him lots of top awards in the Kenyan music industry. He is second on this list of the richest musicians in Kenya.

BahatiThis helped him become one of the most viewed artists in Kenya. Asides from being a music superstar, he is in fact mostly known as an actor, making appearances in numerous blockbuster movies.

The hit songs which propelled him to fame and recognition include “Mom,” “Machozi” and “Sweetheart.”

He established Emb Records to help dispatch upcoming artist’s musical careers.

His huge influence and popularity in Kenya has to be acknowledged because he has a lot of fans on local and international level.Like many other celebrities, his career also has its own controversies, especially after working with the boondocks gangs on a song.

Nevertheless, his net worth put him in the bracket of the richest Kenyan musicians.

1. Sauti Sol (Net Worth: $20 million)

The richest musician in Kenya – Sauti SolAs of today, currently, Sauti Sol afro-pop band is arguably the richest musician in Kenya and the most prominent Kenyan music brand.

This music group is one of the most respected figures in the Kenyan music industry with many of their works bringing the attention of the continent and the world at large with mind-blowing performances both on home soil and abroad.

The band has had numerous, wonderful music performances and tours across Africa and Europe.

This brought huge success to their camp, and well as recognition all over the world.Many of their concerts are streamed worldwide by their fans and lovers.

It is obvious that their influence in the industry cannot be denied, as they continue to dazzle us with beautiful vocals. They have a combined net worth of $20 million.


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