Top Places to Visit in Nigeria Before You Die


Touring around some parts in the world is what most people admires.

Statistics has it that travelling and touring are one of the major activities people do to relief stress.

In Nigeria, they are many beautiful sites to visit and tour.


Probably, a typical Nigerian might not visit the numerous beautiful landscapes that are present in his/her country thus, this gives visitors the boost to know more about the country more than an indigene due to their level of site-seeing.

As it stands, Nigeria is a wonderful country that is blessed with most of nature’s breath-taking views.


If you are a Nigerian and you have not experienced what your land has in store for you, then you are probably missing out on a whole lot of fun.

In this post, we will be revealing to you the top places in Nigeria you must visit before death comes.


This sites about to be given are the best in the country. They are

1. Olumo Rock

Olumo rock is located in the capital of Ogun state – “Abeokuta” which means under the rock due to the vast presence of rocky mountains spreading across major parts of the city.


All of the rock present are Olumo and the allign together to give a wonderful scene to tourists and visitors.

As a wise man once said, “A Traveller is 10 times more equipped than a reader.”

Go and see for yourself!

2. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort is located in Cross River State. If you have not paid a visit there before then it’s quite “unfortunate.”

The resort is one of the best places you should not fail to visit in Nigeria.

By mere seeing the place, you will be amazed at the extend of it’s beautiful natural composition.

It’s features include a cable car climbing up to 870meters, a 1000metres canopy walk with a beautiful forest on view, mini water falls, special type of atmospheric temperature, sweet delicacies and magnificent houses at a blow.

Standard sporting facilities are there for sports like horsing, golf coursing, swimming hiking, gyming and riding.

A trial will surely turn you to a regular visitor.

3. Yankari National Park

Yankari National park is located in Bauchi state. Don’t allow the state of insecurity in the north to deter you from seeing this amazing nature’s wonder.

Here, animals are kept in large numbers. Most of the these animals are endangered species that are rarely found. Due to their long periods of integration with the site, they mostly behave as normal animals with no instincts to hunt.

This is just half of the story, go there to see for yourself!

4. Idanre Hills

Idanre hills is located in Ondo state. This site is worth a visit before death comes knocking.

This hills is a product of the mixture of beautiful arraigning mountains and hills in isolation. This rises to 3,000ft above sea level.

It is the home to Arun river – which is believed to have healing power that can currently any disease.

Other views includes: Agbooogun footprint, Shrines, Belfry, thunder water (Omi Aopara), and Owa’s Palace.

It has a peculiar eco-system that is defined by flora and fauna.

On the inside, they are language carvings and symbols that till today, has not been interpreted or deciphered by troops of tourists that storms the site all year round.

5. Chad Basin National Park

Located in Borno state – a northern part of the country, Chad basin national Park is one of Nigeria’s most stormed site.

Also, it is generally referred as “The Haven of Various Species of Pale Arctic”.

Here, you will find varieties of species that will keep you in awe.

Couple with it’s beautiful landscape, it should be a most not miss experience.

Out of curiosity, thousands of tourists visit this site to confirm read stories like this and you should too.

6. NOK Village

Nok Village is a settlement that is located in Kaduna state.

If you have heard of Nok culture, then I think it is high time you Know that Nok village is the Mastermind behind it’s beautiful culture and arts.

The beautiful arrays of sculptures, stone works, paintings, carvings and so on, are simply mind-blowing.

Believe me – if you visit this site, you will probably think that this designs are made by a computer but it is not.

Surely, you can’t miss this!

7. Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library

This is one of the site that is a worth journeying for. Commonly referred to as OOPL, it is a complex of wonders.

Yes! i said so, why? Because:

1. OOPL is an extremely beautiful and wonderful site to behold.

2. OOPL has a unique family amusement Centre.

3. OOPL is a home to museum that is equipped with interactive games necessary to transform children from ordinary citizens to good ambassadors of the country.

4. OOPL has a Wildlife Park that is managed and controlled by professionals. The park is loaded with animals like filled Lions, hyenas, Monkeys and so on.

5. OOPL has a bar which is intensively beautified with bamboo patch. This bamboo groove features a bar where visitors can relax and enjoy themselves.

If you have not gone here before, it is never late to start planning.

8. Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre is located in Lagos State – Nigeria’s Centre of excellence.

History has it that when urbanization was fast growing in the Western coastline of Nigeria, the center was created to preserve wildlife from extinction.

If you are a lover of beautiful scenes, then this site is a must visit (come with your Smartphone).

There is a skyway bridge, beautiful trees, peacocks, crocodile lakes, Mona monkeys, tilapia ponds, ostriches and a host of others.

Since it is located in Lagos’s Lekki Peninsular, then it is highly recommended for couples and lovers because of it’s wonderful state of beauty.

9. Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay is a beach (artificially engineered) that is located in Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Eti Osa, Lagos.

Michael Barry at Tarkwa Bay

Since it is located in the zone of Lagos’s Eko Atlantic Harbour, it can only be accessed via a ferry or boat.

Tarkwa Bay

You will be amazed at the clean, serene, beautiful nature of the site when you go there. Bon fire and sunrise are experiences that will calm your soul during your course of camping.

It is one of the safest place to hang out with family and friends.

It is also a nice pick for swimmers and lovers of water sports.

This Oasis of peace is what you cannot afford to miss.

10. Ikogosi Warm Springs

Ikogosi warm spring is located in Ikogosi – a town in Ekiti state. It is one of the amazing wonders that is found in Nigeria.

It gives a beautiful view of two different springs flowing side by side but with each maintaining it’s thermal properties.

This phenomenon gives the site a peculiar temperature i.e 70°C at the source and 37°C at the confluence.

It also has beautiful facilities like chalets, souvenir shops, swimming pools, herbal farm and a host of others.

It gives warm romantic scenes and thus recommended for lovers.

This is just a tip of the iceberg; go and experience this magnificent site!

11. The National Children’s Park And Zoo

The National Children’s Park and Zoo is a good pick for children. It is located in Nigeria’s Federal capital territory – Abuja at the base of Aso rock, Asokoro.

This combo of park and zoo is a home to animals like Zebras, Monkeys, Peacocks, Cheetahs, Camel, Lions and other assorted types of animals.

It is one of the most beautiful site in Nigeria. If you want to create a lasting memory, this site should be considered as it will give you something to remember.


Though they are many beautiful site to explore in Nigeria, these ones are the standout from the group.

Life is all about creating memories and memories is created through exploration and touring.

Going to any of the above mentioned site will (surely) create a lasting memory for you and your loved ones.

Thanks for reading.


Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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