Does UNILAG Accept NABTEB Result For Admission? See Answer

Does UNILAG Accept NABTEB results for admission?: Obviously, many students just like you want to know if the university of Lagos, UNILAG accepts NABTEB results or not.

Originally, NABTEB was introduced to ease the burden on WAEC and NECO.

Prior to this, many students find NABTEB to be another alternative to WAEC and NECO mostly after they have a failure in one subject or another.

So basically, in this article, I will discuss and definitely give answers to this question of whether UNILAG accepts NABTEB results or not. So if you are following and you want to find out about this, I enjoin you to continue reading as I take the lead.

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Yes, The University of Lagos (UNILAG) accepts the NABTEB certificate. But there’s an extent to this as all universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria accept NABTEB certificate only if the course you’re aspiring for the section of vocational departments, engineering departments, and technical courses respectively.

Another helpful information you should know is that UNILAG also allows you to combine your Nabteb result with WAEC or NECO results.

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