WAEC Withheld Results 2022: When Will It Be Released?

In this article, i will disclose when withheld WAEC results will be released. So, If your 2022 WAEC result was withheld by WAEC, and you really want to know when 2022 withheld WAEC results will be released, i advise you to read this article till the end.

when withheld WAEC results will be released

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When my brother’s WAEC result was withheld in 2017, it was like the world had ended for him. He spent a whole week crying because of it. The worst part of it all was that, he did not even take NECO examination. Apparently, it pains a lot to have your WAEC results withheld. If fact, if your your WAEC result has not been withheld, you may not understand how it feels.

Well, i didn’t create this article to explain how it feels to have your WAEC withheld. I created this article to advise all WAEC candidates whose result were withheld by WAEC. Coupled with that, i will disclose to you when WAEC 2022 withheld results will be out. Just sit calmly as i tide you over.

Advice to candidates whose waec results were withheld

Whether you engaged in examination malpractice or not, your WAEC result has been withheld already and there is nothing you can do about it. Even if you go to WAEC headquarter, your WAEC result will not be released until when WAEC decided to release it.

If you intend to use your WAEC result to gain admission in Nigeria, i advise you to pretend as if your result was not withheld. Just proceed to take JAMB and post UTME examinations. WAEC withheld results will definitely be released by WAEC. Though, it will take time. When you want to apply for your school’s Post UTME form, put awaiting result and pray that the withheld WAEC result will be released before your school will start clearance. That is when you must provide your WAEC result.

Again, if you took NECO examination, you can simply use your result (That is if the NECO result is good enough) in place of the withheld WAEC result. Everything school in Nigeria accept NECO result. So you can use it.

More so, if you intend to use your WAEC result for something else, then you just have to pray for the result to be released very early. That is the only option for candidates who don’t want to use their WAEC result for admission. Now, to the most important question, “When will WAEC withheld results be released?”.

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According to a WAEC official in Abuja, Withheld WAEC results will be released when WAEC finishes her meeting with the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC). Until that time, WAEC will not release all withheld results. Now the question is, when will WAEC have the meeting with NEC? This question has been answered by WAEC on twitter. WAEC said that the meeting will hold in November 2022.

It is important to also note that it is in the with NEC, that WAEC will decide whether to release 2020 withheld WAEC results or not. So have it in mind that WAEC may still not release the withheld results. But i pray that will not happen.

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There you have an explicit answer to your question. In a recap, i just stated that WAEC results will be released after her meeting with NUC in November 2022. Hope this short post was helpful? Do let me know what you think using the comment section below.

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