12 Best Paying Jobs In Fluid Controls 2022


Are you looking to know which of the careers the best in fluid control is? And you want to find out the best paying jobs in the field? Fluid control is a great field to choose a career.

You will have a great time knowing more about the paying jobs in the field. This guide is built to do that for you. Let us get right into the details. First, we have to know a little more about what fluid controls.

Best Paying Jobs In Fluid Controls


What is Fluid Control?

Fluid control is a field that majors in control systems for various markets. If you decide to work in fluid controls, you may work in large industrial installations. You may also get the chance to travel. You have the privilege of building skills in tech without having to be on the bench, probably you already found this boring.

Do you think you like working with your hands in an environment where everything seems pretty fast? If yes, this may be a good one. Fluid control might just be for you. And if you are looking for something a little more digital, the field can table more opportunities for you.


Let us go see the best set of paying jobs in the fluid control industry.


Best Paying Jobs in Fluid Control

There are a lot of high-paying jobs in fluid control; this is due to the level of skillfulness that is needed. I hope this helps in decision making, here are a selected few high-paying jobs in fluid control:


1. Client service advisor

The job of a client service advisor is to ensure that every customer is well satisfied and that all their questions are duly answered. This also means that when any customer lodge complaint, they are responsible for talking with the customer and telling the technical team about the problem for the provision of a solution.

They are meant to facilitate a great relationship between the customers, and the company. It makes a whole lot of sense for a company to have someone in this role. They embody the company; it makes each customer feel cared for.


All client services advisors are meant to know everything about a company. This is important as customers can ask any question.

You can imagine how much this role is important and in demand.

Their average annual salary is around $52,000.

2. Project manager

The name of the job role says “project managers,” they have to manage clients’ project and ensure it is done and completed satisfactorily as and when due.

Planning, procurement, and then execution of a project is what they do. They make sure that individuals in a team work hand in hand to ensure that deadlines are met.

Their annual average salary is around $96,000.

3. Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers in fluid control are saddled with the responsibility of making sure that the electrical tools and equipment are working efficiently and effectively.

This will demand that you are well familiar with the electrical system of the company.  Electrical engineers make sure to think of ways that the electrical systems will work more productively. They also carry out maintenance routines on equipment and the system

Their average annual salary is around $84,000.

4. Quality control inspector

People working as quality control inspectors examine products, machines, materials, etc. to check for any issues or problems.

When doing quality control, some specific requirements and specifications need to be met.

The average annual salary of a quality control inspector is about $35,000.

5. Sales representatives

A sales representative must work in a team to assist a customer to understand their needs; cater to them while interacting with them. They can recommend services or products that may be useful to the needs of a customer. They provide quotes and take orders, too.

The responsibility of sales representatives may extend to building relationships with original equipment manufacturers, individual companies, engineering firms, and others. This will be determined by the specific industry that you are in.

A sales representative must be good with people. He/she must be willing to work on a personal level with different customers.

The average annual salary of a sales representative is about $56,000.

6. Fluid dynamics engineer

These people must enable designers and design engineers the ability to validate fluid performance for any kind of internal or external flow.

To become a fluid dynamics engineer, you need a set of skills. These skills include computational fluid dynamics.

So, you can call fluid dynamics engineers problem solvers. Their utmost responsibility is to make sure the fluid controls perform well, even if it means challenging the structures of designs.

7. Computational fluid dynamics engineer

CFD engineers are people that make use of CFD formulas to guess the fluid flows and heat transfers. Their jobs can also be to analyze problems. They also go from finding solutions to implementing the solutions they find to address the problems.

They work hand in hand with research and development teams in different industries like mechanical industries, chemical industries, automobile industries, etc.

8. Process engineer

As the name of the job sounds, “process engineers” make sure to improve the processes, and ensure that quality control measures are applied rightly.

Besides this, other responsibilities are accrued to process engineers.

The average annual salary of a process engineer is about $92,000.

9. Reservoir engineer

You can predict their responsibility with their title. They manage the reserves of oil and gas. Reserve engineers work hand in hand with a geologist to know how to get the resources out.

They do reservoir studies which can aid the development of reservoir models. Also, the evaluation of potentially good grounds of resources is their responsibility.

The average annual salary of a reservoir engineer is about $82,000

10. Purchase manager

Their job is to ensure the management of the purchase of goods and services for the company they work for.

They keep a good rapport with the supplier to ensure that products are gotten at good prices, and come up with strategies to improve purchases.

When it comes to negotiation, they are mostly the ones doing this with suppliers. They also ensure that budgets are well managed and stuck to.

The average annual salary of a purchase manager is about $81,000

11. Senior manager.

The job of a senior manager is majorly to manage the numerous operations of a company. It is necessary they work with other managers, ensuring that operations are going on fine.

They come up with strategies and plans that can drive the companies to the goals that they have. Once the strategies are set to action, they can monitor how well it is faring and gauge the results it is producing.

The average salary of a senior manager is $97,000.

12. Senior mechanical design engineer

This engineer designs mechanical systems and works hand in hand with several other engineers in their team to build an error-free system. The ways by which they ensure that the designs meet the standard are by testing their designs, building prototypes

The average annual salary of a senior mechanical design engineer is about $97,000.


Entry Level Jobs in Fluid Control

These entry-level jobs are open to people with minimum qualifications that are interested in working fluid controls. Entry-level jobs in fluid control include:

  1. Systems Wirer

A system wirer installs cable, switches, sockets, etc in a building. As minute as this might sound, it is very important in fluid controls. Effective working of electrical is needed for glitch-free operations.

The wirer must have a vast knowledge and a certain level of experience in designing and installations. The demand for systems wirer cuts across many industries.

  1. Visual Inspector

They are people saddled with responsibilities like an inspection. This inspection is done physically with their eyes – they also do not need any equipment to perform the inspection. There is a level of skillfulness that is needed for this. Carrying out an inspection means you know what you are checking out.

Their job may demand that they travel from one place to another. Technology is advancing as the day goes by. There is a tool called remote visual inspection tool. This tool makes it possible to get the visual data that is needed to inspect without being onsite.


Benefits of Fluids Control

If you have been considering fluid controls, here are benefits that may be in it for you if you decide to go for it:

  1. High demand

Services in fluid controls are highly needed, and the need widely cuts across industries. There are jobs available in fluid control.

  1. You can grow

Some fields require that you have a high level of education before you can get a chance to work. In fluid control, you can grow in qualifications on the job, and enter with the qualifications you have.

  1. A large pool of options

Fluid control affords you the leisure to choose from a lot of options. There are a lot of career options in fluid control.

  1. Good pay

Besides that we all claim to work for money, we probably won’t be working a job if there is no money in it for us. Yes, the jobs in fluid control are pretty good.


Is the Future Green for Fluid Controls?

At the moment, the available opportunity in fluid controls is pretty encouraging. And it is said that it will increase over the next decade.

This means that it is a good field to choose a career. You will have a fleet of opportunities for you in the field.


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