How to choose a course to study

How to choose a course to study

One of the greatest puzzlement that many students face is how to choose a course to study or choosing the right course to study.

This has been a really great concern for many persons and I think it’s best we talk about it.

  • Choosing a course to study is one of the first and most important decision a student has to make. However, any course you choose, your love towards it has a huge bearing on your overall university experience and performance.
  • Most students get really perplexed at the point of choosing a course to study especially when they have always said what they would want to be when they were younger but growing up, they either found out that the subjects to study what they have said they wanted to study is not so easy for them to simulate.
  • Pair/parental influence is now affecting their ability to make the right choice or just maybe their passion and desires have changed.Well, the answers to the questions above are only known by you. I have asked myself the very questions above and I have answers to them for myself.
  • The truth is that there are many options out there of the different courses you can take but there are certain factors you have to put into consideration before making this choice that will determine how happy you would be all the rest of your life.
  • Choosing the right path based on your skills and interests could either mar or make you happy all the rest of your life.
  • The importance of choosing the right course of study cannot be overemphasized as the wrong course of study can torment you all the rest of your life.
  • I would not forget also to quickly reflect that you may have not seen it all. What do I really mean? Well, what I mean is this, there are many courses you can choose from but your options may be limited based on your knowledge or environment.
  • I got to know and heard of some nice courses when I got into university and I believe it’s so for many persons today.

So just before you make that choice, it may also do you good to do your own research based on your interest and if you can’t find a course that suits you, create one. You can be the first in your area of interest.

Now let’s build on some things to check out for before you make that choic1) CHOOSE A COURSE RELATING TO SUBJECTS YOU HAVE PASSED VERY WELL

  • This particular point has its pros and cons.
  • When you choose a course that has subjects relating to what you passed very well in school, you are likely to have a smooth university experience. In fact, like what a friend said, you are likely to graduate with a “first class” because this is something you have always known, and many doors of opportunity may be opened to you too.
  • Morealso, before you claim you know a course or subject that you enjoyed studying at school, have you tried to assess yourself to know if it is because you like the person teaching the subject or there’s something about that subject you can really relate to? You have to be honest with yourself when you want to make life choices.
  • On the other hand, choosing a course you passed very well in school may not be what you solely desire and you are likely to be stagnant in life and probably unhappy with yourself.
  • There is a course or profession that really interest you and studying it is going to make you happy and push your dedication and commitment.
  • Some persons will argue that a course relating to the subject you pass very well in school is surely what you should be studying as it has divine relativity or connection. While others will say, “Don’t go for a course relating to what you know if it’s not something that will make you happy; better go for a course you want and find interest in, and if you don’t know it, work hard to know the course as your passion is already rooted in it.” That is actually left for you to decide.
  • This is a very important truth you have to always tell yourself before making the decision to study that course.
  • It is popularly believed that we all have a gift or a skill, but you also need to ask yourself before you make that choice of studying a course that relates or tends to improve your skill if it is what you want to do all the rest of your life.
  • Having a skill is nice and probably natural but you have to be sure of what you really want in life.
  • In today’s world, you can see a lot of persons going to work that they don’t really like. Though some persons argue that if the pay for a job they don’t like is cool, they won’t mind doing such a job all their life, and this brings us to the next tip.
  • This actually has a rich connection when it comes to how to choose a course to study.
  • Your passion and your unbiased interest are very important.
  • Some persons have had their course of study chosen for them by either their parents or guardians because they don’t even know what they want to study. Well, I am not saying it’s wrong or right, I just want to say, what you decide to choose, no matter what motivated you to choose it, at the end of everything, it is still going to be your life.
  • Some people have a clear passion while some others, unfortunately, don’t have definite passion and are usually swallowed in “passion puzzle.” This alone has affected their choice of choosing a course to study.
  • Humans have the ability to like anything they want to and build a fortress in anything they wish to, so pick from any of your passions the particular course you know you can do and would like to do all the days of your life without getting frustrated. Your happiness is all that matters in the end.


  • The truth of the matter is that your environment also has a way of influencing your choice.
  • There are really two sides or parts to this. Where is the best country to specialise in this course or subject area? If I know it, can I afford it? Just like someone who is in far away in Nigeria and is interested in marine biology, would it be easy for such a person to just fly straight to the world’s largest coral reef in Australia and learn right at the source?
  • It’s a good practice to ask yourself certain questions when you want to make a choice to what course to study.
  • Like the example cited above, if you have to study that in another country, you will have to learn their language and adapt to their way of living and lifestyle, meet with new people and stuffs like that, but will you be happy with your life, of course, if you’ll be happy with your life, then you will be happy in your course of study.
  • Hopefully, you have some idea by now of how you prefer to study.
  • You may be the kind of person that doesn’t like reading every day and doesn’t like continuous assessment, and however, prefer to read a week to the final examination.
  • Well, choose a course that suits your study style, and you will be more confident in your success.
  • However, if you want to challenge yourself, you can still choose a course that will take you out of your comfort zone!
  • Any course you want to study, think of it as an investment being made for your future. That means you have to know everything there is for that particular course to even the salary.
  • Find out people that studied the course and the particular area or field they or you can work with the course. If this is not clear to you, you have to have a rethink.

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