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Olaniyi Afonja (Sanyeri) Net Worth 2022: Houses, Cars & Latest Movies


Olaniyi Afonja stage named Sanyeri is a popular Nigerian comedian, film actor and producer. Obviously, we can’t talk of the Yoruba Nollywood industry as a whole without mentioning Sanyeri.


As of 2022, Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri has an estimated net worth of roughly $350,000.

Early Life

Sanyeri was born Olaniyi Afonja Mikail on 14th of October 1974 as first child of his parents in Oyo state, Nigeria.


Olaniyi Afonja began his formal education at St. Michael Primary School in Oke-Ibo, Oyo State, and later transferred to Durbar Grammar School in Oyo Town, Oyo State, where he finished his secondary school education.

Olaniyi Afonja Mikail (Sanyeri) is married to Omolara Afonja in 2013 and they’re blessed with two children.



It might surprise you to know that Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri started his acting career in 1992.

That looks really long time right? Yes, it is said that Rome is not built in a day. So also success isn’t built overnight.


He was actually introduced to a theatre group by his close friends in 1992. Then, he moved to Lagos state in 1996 to properly focus on his career as a film actor.

Since then he has featured in several Yoruba films. He is one of the Yoruba Nollywood celebrity comedian and producer. He is of course love by many for his funny roles in movies.


His brilliant acting gift, ability to interpret roles and passion put into acting has earn him more fortune and boosted his career. No wonder he’s one of the richest Yoruba actors.

As of 2022, Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri has an estimated net worth of roughly $350,000.

Sanyeri Cars

In terms of Olaniyi Afonja cars, several photos show the actor with luxury cars and even a motorcycle, but there is no confirmation as to which car belongs to the actor.

All of these photos are from his trip to the United States.


These are few of the movies produced and featured by Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri.

  • Obakeye
  • Awero
  • Edun Ara
  • Jenifa
  • Opa Kan
  • Omo Carwash
  • Sekere
  • Mawe Ku
  • Sanyeri in London
  • Ibale
  • Apaadi
  • Olu Omo
  • Koboko
  • Salako Alagbe
  • Omo Iya Meji
  • Mama Do Good
  • Osole
  • Sanyeri Oloka
  • Area Boys
  • Ise Awako
  • Waheed Kolero
  • Afoju Meta
  • Were Merin
  • Kosi Tabi sugbon
  • Saworo

Sanyeri Net Worth

As of 2022, Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri has an estimated net worth of roughly $350,000. Which makes him one of the richest actors in Nigeria.

He makes majority of his money from movie production and acting.


Olaniyi Afonja (born December 14, 1974) is a Yoruba comic actor and movie producer and is also one the title of one of the highest-earning Yoruba actors Although Sanyeri has been acting as far back as 1992, he didn’t break through until he relocated to Lagos where he joined a theatre group.

Olaniyi Afonja, popularly known as Sanyeri, a certified movie producer, has an estimated net worth of $350,000.


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