Study Engineering Without Physics: Is It Possible Or Not

Many a times, i have met students asking if they can study engineering without physics in the university. Well, that is the reason why i made this short post. Today, i will be telling you whether or not, it is possible to study engineering in the university without physics. All you have to do, is to read this post painstakingly as i kindly explain everything explicitly.

Study Engineering without physics


The answer is No. You cannot study engineering without physics. In fact, it is impossible to study engineering in any school, without physics. The reason is because, physics is deemed to be one of the most essential subjects for engineering students. So before you can study engineering in any institution (Be it University, polytechnic or college), you must have good knowledge in physics.

Well, apart from Physics, you must also be vast in Chemistry too. Yes! No school around the world can offer admission to a person, as an engineering student, unless that person is good in Chemistry. In other words Chemistry and Physics are prerequisite to study engineering in the university.


In most schools, a Credit (C) grade (in A’level result) is the minimum to study engineering. However, some top schools do not follow this. So, it depends on the school you want to apply for admission. But just have it in mind that you must pass Physics very well to study engineering in most schools.

In Nigeria, students who want to study engineering must have a credit grade in WAEC/NECO. Also they must have physics in their JAMB subject combination.

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OK. Hope you got an explicit answer to your question? In a recap, I said that it is impossible to study engineering in school without physics because, engineering is deemed to be very important to be a engineer. Do let me know, if you still have any question or contribution to make below.

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