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What Are The Ten Things to Learn in the University Aside from Education?


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There are certain things you shouldn’t leave the university without having or learning. They are so important because they make you while in school and propel you when you leave school.

The university is an institution for learning and Research as we all know but it is also a place where our minds are prepared for life.


When you’re studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification, you study to become an expert in your chosen field of study. But whatever course you choose to study, there are some vital things you must learn or have as a student that will help you in school and help you after school.

I often tell people if you go through the university system without learning or having one or all of these things I will share with you now, you probably have wasted your time and money. Check out things you will discover about yourself in the university.


There are lots of importance of going to the university, but these are not limited to what you must learn or have from the university before leaving school.

In the world today, especially in the part I hail from, “CONNECTION,” is much more important than qualification. This doesn’t in any way suggest that qualification isn’t important because there are places only your qualification can lead you to. Nevertheless, never neglect the power of the “right connection.“


Let’s give a quick run-down of the valuable qualities you should develop when you go through the university:


  • This is something you shouldn’t joke with. The importance of making the right friends or connection cannot be overemphasized.
  • There are places or offices your qualification cannot get you into that your connection would when you are in a school and outside the school.
  • Making the right connection while in school is a goal. In fact, one of the importance of the university is making friends.
  • Imagine you live in a country where the percentage of unemployment is very high, and qualified graduates keep graduating from the university yearly, you may need a connection to land you that job of your dream.
  • Stay connected.


  • Maturity refers to changes and development in the brain structure. Individuals’ brains develop at different rates and are affected by both genetic and environmental influences.
  • As as a student in the university, you may come in with babyish attitude or a high sense of immaturity, but before you leave the university system, make sure you get matured.
  • Your maturity also has a role to play when it comes to your life after school.


  • If you do not have a well defined true purpose in life, you will usually feel lost and confused.
  • Having a purpose is the same as having a direction. This is one thing you must discover for yourself at the university. I don’t think I ever heard of any course called, “discovering your purpose,” so you have to do this yourself.
  • Having a purpose is way more different from having goals. Goals are something you set here and there and purpose is for life.
  • The course you are studying or going to study may have no bearing with your purpose in life but it can be your goal for a major reason.
  • Graduating with a first class may be your goal. But one thing that the university helps you do is discovering your purpose.
  • Don’t go through the university without knowing your purpose.
  • Though you might or can change your purpose as you enter a different stage of life, nevertheless, we all have our primary purpose which we don’t change.

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  • A good manner of approach helps us show respect and consideration to others. It makes other people glad that we are with them.
  • When in the university, it doesn’t matter the type of training you have had from home, you have to learn a good manner of approach.
  • Without proper manners and etiquette, you’ll have a problem at the university and even after university.
  • You don’t pass through the university system without learning a good manner of approach.


  • This is one thing you should and must learn when going through the university system.
  • Good time management allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. It helps you lowers your stress, and helps you focus, which leads to more career success.
  • In the university, there are several activities that struggle for your time yet you have to learn time management to be able to do well academically and otherwise.


  • Don’t go through the university system without learning a skill. At the end of your study, it could be the only thing that really matters after all.
  • There are several skills you can learn which ranges from software to hardware etc.
  • Choose a skill and learn before leaving the university system.


  • In the university, it is people from different backgrounds united by the quest to be educated.
  • Sometimes, we are mostly required to work on a project as a team.
  • There are several rules in working as a team. We must be ready to follow these rules.
  • When we learn how to work with teams, it not only helps us in school but even in the outside world.


  • Communication skill is something we must ensure we learn in school. This has nothing to do with the kind of course you study, you must work on your communication skill.


  • Many people think the university is a where people lack discipline or learn not to be disciplined.
  • That’s not true. Without discipline, you will have a rough and tough experience in school.
  • It’s good to learn how to be disciplinedbecause it will help you in your studies.


  • The very reason you got accepted into the university is that you apply to study a course it offers and meeting the criteria.
  • So many persons forget the purpose while they got into school when they are in school.
  • You don’t entangle yourself with several frivolous activities and forgetting the very reason you got accepted into college.
  • Remember, when you fail woefully in school, you may be forced to withdraw from the school.
  • So your degree should be something you should take dearly to your heart. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing well.
  • Finally, when you go through school, enter that you get these things above in you. Don’t leave or let anyone of them lag behind.
  • Every point above is as important as your university degree.



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