How Much Is NECO Token? See how to purchase NECO token

The National Examinations Council (NECO) new results online system now requires candidates to purchase token before they can access their SSCE, BECE and NCEE results.

Using NECO Token, Candidates can check their SSCE, BECE and NCEE Result Conveniently. The token(s) can be shared with candidates, parents, schools, organizations or any person who may want to view the candidate’s results.

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How Much Is NECO Token?

According to the National Examination Council(NECO), NECO Result Checker (NECOToken) price remains at ₦ 700.00 if you purchase your card from our platform. You can always buy your NECO Result Checker Token online at the lowest rate in Nigeria listed below.

Where To Buy (NECO Token) Result Checker Token Online

There are lot of places to buy NECO Result Checker Token online which are reliable and they are;,, and you can buy it from NECO official website here

How To Purchase NECO Token

A token works like a scratch card, it is used to check results when they are released by NECO. Please note that NECO no longer uses scratch cards to check results, you can only use token to check result.
Follow the steps below to Purchase a token and check your results:

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  • Step 1
    Visit the NECO Result page:
  • Step 2
    Click on PURCHASE TOKEN button,
  • Step 3
    Enter your login details. If you have not yet registered see Register an
  • Step 4
    Click on ‘PURCHASE TOKEN’ either on the side menu or on your
  • Step 5
    Enter the number of tokens you wish to buy and click on PAY
  • Step 6
    A receipt will be shown next, tick the box to confirm payment and click PROCEED TO
  • Step 7
    You’ll be redirected to the Remita payment page, choose your type of payment whether Card, Bank Branch, Account, Internet Banking, Pocket Money. Once you’ve chosen your preferred payment method click
  • Step 8
    Once payment is confirmed, you’ll be taken back to your account where you’ll see your purchased tokens listed out on the right hand side of the screen, click GO TO TOKENS, to view all

Step 9
View all purchased tokens by clicking on MY TOKENS

NECO scratch card

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Okay!  thats the full tutorial on how much is NECO Token and how to buy NECO Token Online. If you ever get confuse.

please do use the comment section to ask questions so we’ll put you through.


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