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How To Retrieve NECO Photocard: Reprinting Of NECO Photocard


Are you looking for a way to retrieve your lost NECO Photocard? Or you want to reprint your NECO Photocard easily? 

For one reason or another you want to retrieve or reprint your lost NECO Photocard. Just like I explained earlier on how you can retrieve your WAEC photocard and reprint your WAEC GCE photocard. This particular article will go an in-depth ground for anyone willing to retrieve/reprint NECO Photocard.

Just as in the case of West African Examinations Council body, National Examinations Council (NECO) Photocard can be retrieved and be reprinted following the Step by step procedures I explained in this article.


How To Retrieve NECO Photocard

To retrieve or reprint your lost NECO Photocard, kindly reference the below procedures.

This section of the guide will specify on how to use the NECO photocard finder for retrieving the registration number and printing of lost photocard.


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  • Step 1: Kindly log on to the NECO Photocard finder/retriever portal via https://photocard.neco.gov.ng/
  • Step 2: Fill in the details in the respective boxes to Find your PhotoCard
  • Step3: Select the Exam Type associated with the Photocard. e.g NCEE, BECE, SSCE (June/July), (Nov/Dec).
  • Step 4: Select Exam Year associated with the Photocard e.g 2018, 2020neco-photocard-retrieval
  • Step5: Enter Candidate’s Registration Number
  • Step 6: Click on the Retrieve Phone Photocard button to download and print your retrieved photocard. Can’t remember Registration Number?
  • Step 7: Tick or check on the Can’t remember Registration Number icon or box.neco-examination-number-retrieval
  • Step 8: Enter the registered Date of Birth of the candidate
  • Step 9: Enter the Candidate’s SurnameNECO-photocard
  • Step 10: Click on the Find Photo Card Button to view your photocard details.

That is everything you need to retrieve your NECO photocard easily. Even from the screenshots, I provided, it is evident that the steps in this guide were given by the National Examination Council (NECO) bodies itself. However, it will be wise to follow my guides as stated in this post, and trust me you would retrieve or reprint your NECO photocard easily.


In summary, I disclosed the importance of NECO photocard, the requirements for retrieving NECO photocard and the step by step processes to retrieve or reprint NECO photocard.

Now that I have concluded on the topic, I enjoin you to make your contributions if needed and in case you need more clarification, kindly make it known using the comment section below;



9 Replies to “How To Retrieve NECO Photocard: Reprinting Of NECO Photocard

    1. My examination number is 10 digit and 2 latter, try to check my results online but it say candidate record not found, what to do now

  1. In the photo card finder is not showing 2020 and I really need to get my reg.number I wrote last year

  2. I want to thank you for the step. The only difficulty I have is that the year 2020 is not included in the box, so I could’t retrieve the photocard. Thanks

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