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Best Universities to Study Medicine in Nigeria (2022)


Apparently, there are a lot of institutions in Nigeria to study different Medical courses, but Today, we have deemed it fit to highlight the best Universities in Nigeria to study Medicine and obtain your Bachelor’s Degree.

The importance of education cannot be overemphasized and it is no news that Medical graduates are now in high demand, and it stands as one of the reputable professions that pay well in Nigeria.

Come to think of it, does it matter which institution you obtain your Bachelor’s Degree, well it does.


There are different institutions in Nigeria; Federal Universities, State Universities, Polytechnics, College of education, and even medical school of the list.

Perhaps, let’s talk about Universities in Nigeria, enlisting federal Universities and state Universities, and that brings me to the rhetorical question; which University in Nigeria is best to study Medicine and Surgery and other related medical courses?


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At Flash Academy, our prospective focus and priority are to ensure we properly guide all students and concerned persons like you to I will eventually be revealing to you the 9 best universities to study medicine.


But what is so special about these Universities? I will tell you!

You see, there are many things to consider when choosing a University to study in Nigeria. Imagine, writing your JAMB, and you passed victoriously then, you pass through all the academic stress involved in the University you offered to run your undergraduate program, after which you graduate and face the Unemployment line that really is one awkward reality you will have to face.


Like it or not, you have to chose to study only in the best to get the best result.

5 things to know before choosing a University to study Medical Courses in Nigeria.

Here is the basic truth you need to know about education in Nigeria and getting a Job

  1. The institution you obtain your degree will have a negative or positive impact on you: Yes, the reason for this is not far-fetched. There are specific institutions in Nigeria that are highly respected in the Nigerian labor market.
    Oh yes, I guess your best bet would be equivocal to mine, without much exaggeration it is obvious that Federal Universities in Nigeria are much respected.
    Yes, it may be just getting the paper, but I will tell you that most industries and sectors in Nigeria are now interested in which institution you obtained that paper from because that will ascertain the quality of education you have obtained; however, this could be overlooked.
    Alas, this Nigeria, but 80% out of 100% of the time, a lot of people will care about the institution you obtained your degree from.
  2.  Most institutions in Nigeria do not have the required facilities to equip you: You sure know this, don’t you?
    A lot of Nigerian Universities are somewhat a kind of hell, imagine learning in an institution that lacks facilities, such as science equipment, enough building, and other learning requirements.
    Medicine and Surgery is a course you would not want to waste 8 years of your life studying.
    In case you don’t know, as far as the Medical line is concerned it is not about the certificate you have even if it is a first-class degree because no Medical center would want to employ someone who would kill a patient, the medical department is all about Life and death, so the Knowledge you acquire is what matters the most.
    Now tell me, would you want to obtain your Medical degree in a crap institution? There you go!
  3. Most Universities have a slow Academic calendar plus all of the strike pieces of stuff.
    Oh! my dear fatherland, Nigeria we hail thee.
    Hey, let’s imagine you studying a Medical course that would take you 8 years to finish, with all the strike stuff, let’s say that delays you, now you have an additional 2 years. That would be you taking 10 years of your life to obtain a medical degree.
    Oh, let’s not talk about how long it might take you to finally get the dream job, all I am saying to you is this; what is worth doing is worth doing well.
    Most certainly, 80% of institutions in Nigeria go on strike, but all institutions do not have the same calendar, so, you might want to consider an institution with a fast calendar.
  4. The level and soundness of teaching.
    Oh! Those days when we have to fight tooth and nail, swim through the hurdles set by lecturers, that fresh smell of failure and sweet tears when you see your first semester result after all your endless nights of reading, spend Christmas Day in the Library, and all the dedications but to discover that your grades aren’t yet what you worked for?
    That isn’t serious, let’s talk about Lecturers that are just known for homework, doing fewer teachings, and they expect you to pass your courses with good grades!
    You see, it really is no joke, but this is the reality you will face in most Nigerian Universities, and the bitter truth is that it would happen unless you take time to decide the University where you would want to study if you chose Medicine and Surgery.
    Medical courses are tough and could frustrate you, so do not let it go more than it is in nature.
    Relax, I will show you the best Universities in Nigeria to study medicine soon.
  5. Most Universities in Nigeria are difficult to gain admission.
    Have you ever experienced fighting for admission for 3-8 years?
    Well, I wish you didn’t have to hear this from me, but the sorry truth is that you may likely deal with such if you are not ready to face the prerequisite of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine. That is to say, if you want the best then you must be ready to pay the price since nothing comes easily in Life.

You need to consider the chances of admission and requirements for various institutions before choosing which Universities you want to study Medicine.

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Summary: The above 5 facts will help you understand why you need to look out for the best University to study any Medical Course.

Must judiciously, the above five facts will help us determine the 9 best Universities to study any medical course in Nigeria that would meet all your expectations, so let’s get down on the list.

Top 9 Best Universities in Nigeria – Federal, state and private.

Note: This list is not in order of which is the overall best, as what determines the overall best depends on which environment you are best at, and where you can fully be at ease studying.
But be rest assured that these institutions are the best in Nigeria as far as Medicine is concerned.

Also, we are going to list the best Universities to study medicine in Nigeria, and it includes, federal state and private Universities.
Perhaps, you must know that the best institutions in Nigeria are the federal institutions because they are more respected and this list would be determined base on the 5 factors we shared above.

Federal Universities are more known for awards and academic excellence, in terms of Job Hunt, graduates from Federal Universities are more demanded.

Top 3 Federal Universities to study Medicine In Nigeria

1. The college of Medicine, University of Ibadan (UI).

The University of Ibadan (Ui/UNIBADAN as it is popularly known) has the best lecturers and Medical facilities in Nigeria. UNIBADAN is the top choice of everyone as they are well-ordered having decent buildings to aid better learning.

The University of Ibadan happens to be the first University in Nigeria so, it is easy to trace how best they are in the programs offered in the prestigious institution.

With Years of excellence recorded, Unibadan sits with high respect and one that has produced a lot of the best doctors and medical personnel we have in Nigeria and abroad. UNIBADAN is well known for its comprehensive curriculum for equipping students.
This institution has four faculties for carrying out teachings namely;

  • Faculty of Basic Medical Science
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Public health
  • Faculty of Clinical Sciences

2. The college of Medicine, University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Speaking of the University of Lagos, it resides in the most populous state in Nigeria and it is one of the best Universities in Nigeria to study medicine. UNILAG (as it is most popularly called) is also a top choice for Medicine.

The institution has received a lot of awards to its name. UNILAG has three faculties for Medicine namely;

  • Faculty of Basic Medical Science
  • Faculty of Clinical Science
  • Faculty of Dental Sciences.

UNILAG has enough facilities for better academic balance.

3. The college of Medicine, University of Ilorin (UNILORIN).

Here comes the most sought after institution chosen by candidates in Jamb.
University of Ilorin (UNILORIN as it is commonly called) used to be the only institution in Nigeria that does not go on strike thereby making education fast and easy, and most favorable for the Medical students.

Indeed, University of Ilorin is one of the best Universities in Nigeria to study Medicine, UNILORIN is well-known for her seriousness, Unilorin academic attainment is highly respected in Nigeria.

The institution itself is likewise known as one of the best Universities in Nigeria ( in totality). UNILORIN has the best Medical facilities in the south-western region part of Nigeria having two faculties which are;

  • Faculty of Basic Medical Science
  • Faculty of Clinical Science.

Top 3 State Universities to Study Medicine In Nigeria

4. Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LASUTH).

Without any exaggeration, we all know that Lagos State is very rich in almost everything, in terms of education Lagos State still holds a reputable position.

For years, the University of Lagos owned by the Lagos State University has been ranked number 5 best institution nationally. It has one of the best Medical teaching hospitals in Nigeria

5. College of Health Science, Delta State University, Abraka (DELSU).

Delta State University is not one that is new, they have a lot of excellence traces.
If what you want is a state University then College of Health Science, Delta State University Abraka would be a great choice.

This institution has four faculties which are;

  • Medicine
  • Anatomy
  • Family of Medicine
  • Clinical Pharmacology

6. Abia State University, Uturu.

The third best state University to study Medicine in Nigeria is Abia State university, uturu.
It is one that will as well meet expectations, they have all the needed facilities and gaining admission into this University is easier than others.

Top 3 Best Private Universities to study Medicine in Nigeria are;

7. Igbinedion University, Okada
8. Babcock University
9. Afe Babalola University.


Now, that you have the list of the 9 best Universities in Nigeria, I hope it would be easy choosing which to study in.

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