JAMB CAPS 2022/2023 Admission Status Portal Login [Complete Guide]

Since the inception of JAMB caps in 2017 to restrain examination malpractice and regularize Admission processes, students have been worried and confused on how to use the introduced system known as JAMB CAPS.

This has prompt them to start asking questions like how do I know whether Jamb or School has given me admission for 2022/2023 Session? most expecially when we wrote the article on when Jamb will start given admission for 2021.

Although, they’re also lots of mail I get recently of students asking various questions still  on the JAMB CAPS Admission which includes;

  • How To Use JAMB CAPS Portal To Check Admission Status?
  • How To know if you have been admitted on JAMB caps or not
  • How Do I check My admission status using CAPS as introduced by JAMB
  • How can I accept My admission on JAMB Caps Portal
  • How do i login to my JAMB caps.
  • How do i check my o level result.
  • How do i accept my admission on caps
  • How do i print my admission letter
  • What Is the consequence of not accepting My admission on JAMB’s CAPS.
  • Is there a Second chance if I reject my admission on the CAPS Portal?.

Having Known that, in this article I will elucidate everything on JAMB CAPS Admission Status Portal Login and all you can do on your JAMB CAPS Admission Profile.

Now if you’re ready let’s begin!

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Below guide is how to login to you JAMB CAPS with your default details such as your email address and your password; Follow these steps for Successful login to your CAPS:

1.Do you have the mail used in registering for JAMB?

if yes, you are good to go…just click on this link below.


2. your username is your mail address, input it correctly.

3. your password is your JAMB password, also make sure you input it correctly.

4.Click login.

5. Click on check admission status button, then click on the access my caps button.

And you are there.

have we answered your questions on how to login JAMB CAPS 2022/2023?

do you still have more questions on how to login JAMB caps?

How To Accepted Admission on JAMB CAPS Portal

Confirming whether you have accepted admission on Jamb caps portal or mistakenly clicked on reject is simple. After accepting the admission, the Reject Admission button will be blank. You can no longer click on the link. Accept admission link will still be clickable.Under the accept admission button, you will see Record(s) Successfully updated!

Accept the admission if you are okay with the school and course you are offered admission to study.

 How To Reject Admission in Jamb Caps

To Reject your admission on Jamb caps portal, simply click on the Reject button. You will be asked, “are you sure you want to reject the admission? Reject the admission if you are not okay with the school and course you are offered admission to study.

Confirming whether you have rejected admission on Jamb caps or mistakenly clicked on accept is simple. After rejecting the admission status, the Accept button will be blank. You can no longer click on the link. Reject admission link will still be clickable. Under the reject admission button, you will see Record(s) Successfully updated!


How To Request Desktop Version Of Jamb Caps Portal To Check 2020 Admission Status

We can not debate the fact that Phones have taken over laptops when it comes to browsing. However, there are certain things you can not see when you are viewing a mobile version of a website. A good example is when you are checking admission status on Jamb caps portal.

After Jamb Caps Login, many candidates are stuck at the welcome page without a button to click. This makes many of them run to cyber cafes when they can check admission status on their phone. This is where Desktop version comes in. Desktop version will help your phone display sites the way it would appear in Laptops/Desktops.

By requesting desktop version, you can see what cyber cafes see on their laptop right on your phone. With this, you can check your admission status on Caps on your own. It is very easy to request desktop version.

I will show you how to switch to desktop version on Operamin, Firefox, Safari and Google chrome. I’m sure that you should be using at least one of those browsers.

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How To Allow Pop Ups On JAMB CAPS Website

Here is how to allow pop ups on JAMB site in 2021.
In case you are a JAMB candidate (Jambite), you may have noticed that you have problems with JAMB portal when you don’t enable pop ups.
For example, if I want to check my JAMB admission status on JAMB portal or print my JAMB original result, it will not show until I do the required thing.

Follow the steps below, trust me I have tried and tested it and it working well.

  1. Go to the JAMB site, in case you are not already on the site.
  2. Click on the three (3) dots at the right hand side on your browser [chrome].
  3. Scroll down and click on settings.
  4. Move down to site settings in settings.
  5. Click on pop ups and redirects in the site settings.
  6. Allow pop ups on JAMB site by clicking the allow button.

It is as simple as that, read the steps again if you still don’t get it.


Without your olevel Results uploaded on JAMB CAPS, it’s impossible to be considered for admission. However, it’s important you cross check that your olevel Results are properly uploaded as in the guide below;

step 1: After you login to your JAMB portal by following the steps above you will see your dashboard.

Step 2: In each box is attached a title,the 1st box is “my profile” then “Noun Registration” you don’t have anything to do with those boxes, since you want to check olevel Results just scroll down to “CHECK ADMISSION STATUS”.click on it

step 3: Click on access my caps and not check admission status.

if you are checking your olevel for 2021 make sure the year is updated to 2021.

step 4: your portal opens by showing you welcome, u see a list of options at the top left(caps home,my profile,my o level,admission status,market place,transfer approval)

step 5: click on “MY O LEVEL”.

your o level displays, if you don’t see your o level result,please kindly go and re-upload at only JAMB accredited center.

your o level result is expected to display within 48 hours after re-uploading.


After following the steps outlined above in other to check if you have been offered admission on the JAMB CAPS portal, there are series of messages you are bound to see after you have input your JAMB Registration Number.

Below are the messages you will likely receive when you check your admission status using the JAMB caps and what you need to do concerning that.


If you check your admission status and what you see is admitted, then congratulations as you have been offered admission and you can now proceed to accept the admission and follow the next instruction after accepting your admission.

If after checking your admission status and you see Recommended, it means you may have been offered admission in other school other than the one you chose or an opportunity was opened for you in another school.


The Third set of message you may likely see when trying to check if you have been offered admission is Not Admitted, in this case, you have been considered for admission just yet or you will not be offered admission at all. If you see this message, you are not allowed to accept the admission.


If you see the above message bearing admission in progress, check back later, then it has a straight forward explanation which means that your school is yet to release they admission list or that they are still releasing the admission list.


If your portal shows approved, then congratulations, as JAMB has approved the admission offered to you.


For those of you who are still lost, CAPS is Central Admission Processing System and was recently introduced by JAMB.

Therefore, to check you admission status on JAMB CAPS portal, simply follow the instructions below.

  • Stroll into any cyber cafe or of course you can use your smartphone if you have data
  • Then, click on your fastest and most reliable browser especially google chrome.
  • Visit the JAMB CAPS admission checking portal by clicking here.

Immediately you click that, the portal will open as shown below

  • Then input your JAMB registration number in the space where you will see UTME Registration number at the JAMB CAPS homepage.
  • Information such as institution, date of birth, JAMB score and others will be required of you  immediately you click on submit.
  • You will immediately see two options which is either to accept or reject the admission.
  • Of course, if you like the course given to you click on accept
  • If you don’t like the course given to you click on accept or reject but I will advice you to accept if it’s same institution except you will like to get admission through IJMB instantly and meet up with your mates in 200L.
  • Also, if the institution and course space is not showing anything or blank as the case maybe, do not click on accept admission but just patiently keep checking back.
  • lastly, note that immediately you accept admission offered to you, then your admission opportunity for the year running is closed.

Now, let me quickly answer the questions I earlier talked about.

How Do I check My Admission Status Using JAMB CAPS portal

I have already explained this above.

Follow the step by step process carefully and you will be on track.

How Can I Accept My Admission On JAMB CAPS Profile

This is very simple.

If you follow the process outlined in the article on how Use JAMB CAPS System To Check Admission Status  above.’

It gets to a point where you are only left with just two choice

  • To accept the admission given to you
  • To reject the admission

If  accept admission shows when you have not been offered admission, do not panic, it doesn’t have any effect.

What Is The Consequence of Not Accepting My Admission On JAMB CAPS portal

No qualms.

If you did not accept your admission it means you did it intentionally.

This may be due to the fact that you were given a course you didn’t like or you want to prepare for JAMB 2020.

If the first case is the case, you might be lucky to see another course if you keep checking.

If the second case is the case, read up about JAMB 2021 registration form and guide using the link here.

Is there a Second Chance If I reject My admission On JAMB CAPS Portal?

You just rejected it, that’s all for the year 2020.


Transfer approval is used when your course has being changed by your school of choice.

when you don”t meet up with the requirement for your course, there is likely a tendency your course might be changed.

when JAMB receives your details and notice your course has being changed, they will require your approval.

its left for you to either accept the new course or reject it.

Rejecting it does not mean you wont be admitted.

if you reject it, you will still remain in your preferred course and institution.

To locate your transfer approval read the steps above in checking for o level result.

when you get to step 5, click on transfer approval.

please kindly note that whenever your course is changed by your school, you are required to accept it on JAMB portal. 

JAMB CAPS Market Place Operations

The Market Place feature in CAPS provides flexibility for the Institutions to source for candidates who may not have earlier chosen the institution for Admission consideration.

Institutions may specify various selection parameters such as UTME score, State/ Local Government, Gender, preferred programmes /course of the Candidates.

The List of Candidates so selected from the Market Place are then pushed to JAMB who then notify the Candidates of Market Place consideration by Institutions. A candidate may Accept / Reject Market Place consideration, subject to a maximum of three (3) Market Place considerations at a time.

The Candidates could also approach the Market Place to announce availability for Admission consideration from any institution or for any programme different from those earlier indicated during the UTME Registration, provided s/he has requisite O’ Level Results and wrote the required subject combination in the UTME.

Any agreement or understanding on Admission consideration between the Institution and candidate based on Market Place operations will have to be effected with a requirement for the Candidate to effect a Change of Institution on the JAMB Portal to be available for Download (Step 6 above) by the new Institution to follow the subsequent steps in the Admission Process.

This is all we can say for now on the topic “JAMB CAPS 2022/2023 Admission Status Portal Login [Complete Guide]”.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to scroll down and drop it in the comment box.

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