Documents Needed For UNILORIN Clearance: Full List

It is important to know the documents needed for UNILORIN clearance before moving down to the university. This is to ensure that you do not make any mistake or forget any important document while coming.

More so, you must have in mind, that doing your clearance before starting lectures at the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) is compulsory. In fact, your admission is not completely accepted without doing clearance first.

Today, i will show you the list of documents required for UNILORIN clearance. Meanwhile, before we proceed; make sure that you have accepted you admission in JAMB CAPS. You may not be cleared without accepting your admission.

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Below are the documents you need for UNILORIN clearance:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Pre-Admission screening E-Slip.
  • Admission status print out.
  • Biodata during online registration.
  • Acceptance Fee payment slip.
  • Complete O’level results.
  • Original Jamb UTME result.
  • Citizenship certificate.
  • Post UTME result.
  • Remedial results.
  • 6 passports photographs.

Above are the documents you need for clearance in the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN). Meanwhile, if you are confuse about any document stated above, simply join me as i will give more information about them.

Birth certificate:

First, you need your birth certificate for clearance in UNILORIN. Alternatively, you can bring a declaration of age if you cannot find you birth certificate for the main time. Though, it is preferable to bring your birth certificate or certificate of birth.

Pre-Admission screening E-Slip:

Your Pre-Admission screening E-Slip is also required for UNILORIN clearance. This is thesame slip you used, when you where about to take UNILORIN’s post UTME. If you have lost your own, do not panic at all. Simply go online and print it out again.

Admission status print out:

Your admission status print out is also needed for UNILORIN clearance. This is the page that will appear on your screen after accepting your JAMB admission through CAPS. If you haven’t printed yours, quickly go to your JAMB profile. Print out the page where you accepted your admission.

Biodata during online registration:

More so, your Biodata during online registration in UNILORIN portal is necessary. This is the personal information form you filled in your UNILORIN online profile, before paying your acceptance fee. Make sure that the information it contains are correct.

If you made any mistake when filling it, go back to your profile and correct the mistake before you print it out.

Acceptance Fee payment slip:

Remember that you cannot do you UNILORIN clearance without paying your acceptance fee. So if you have not paid, go to the university’s website. Generate your remita and pay the sum of N25,000 (Twenty five thousand Naira only) to the bank.

After payment, return to your UNILORIN profile and collect your acceptance fee payment slip.

Complete O’level results:

Another required document for UNILORIN Clearance, is your complete O’level results. Remember that you must score at least, 6 (six) credits (English and mathematics inclusive) in your O’level result, before you will be offered admission into UNILORIN.

Documents needed for UNILORIN clearance, documents required for UNILORIN clearance 2019/2020

Accordingly, if you intend to use two sitting results, then you have to read my article about combination of results here. It will also be of great help to you too.

Original Jamb UTME result:

Another prerequisite document you need for UNILORIN clearance is your Original Jamb UTME result. This document is apparently different from the ordinary JAMB result. To get your original JAMB result, it will cost you N1,000 only.

The original Jamb UTME result will contain your full name, password and subjects you took during JAMB examination. You will be on a safer side, if you come with your original Jamb UTME result.

Citizenship certificate:

Your citizenship certificate is another essential document for clearance in UNILORIN. If you can get this document, i advise you get a local government ID. You can get your local government ID in your local government.

More so, if you can not get any of the above, then you can get an affidavit from a high court in Nigeria. It will cost you about N2,000 to do this.

Post UTME result:

Your post UTME result is the result of the post UTME examination you took in UNILORIN. If you have not printed yours or you have lost it, quickly go to a cyber cafe in your area and it will be given to you. It is also ideal to bring the original copy of this document when coming.

Remedial result:

To be on a safer side, you can come with your remedial result. If you have not collected yours, simply download it online. Below is a direct link to get your remedial result:
All you have to do, is to click the link. Login to with your details and get your remedial result.

6 passports photographs:

Lastly, you must come with at least; 6 copies of a passport photograph you took recently (Not more than 6 months). I personally recommend you to make the background red. It is very important.

Important notice:
You are expected to have 4 (four) photocopies of all these documents while coming for your clearance. When you get to the venue for the clearance, you will be told how to arrange and submit them to the registrar.

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Yeah! These are the documents you need for UNILORIN clearance. Hope this article was helpful? If you are still confuse about any of the document above, do ask your questions using the comment section. I will be glad to give you a reply.

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